Wednesday, July 6, 2011

on the road

We have been enjoying many of our national parks and monuments. We have been through 8 states. We have visited, Zion UT, Craters of the Moon Idaho, The Grand Teton Mountains WY, Yellowstone WY, Jewel Cave SD, Crazy Horse monument SD, Mount Rushmore SD. Tonight we are staying in Denver and tomorrow we head down to Southern Colorado into the Rockies.

We have been hiking, playing in rivers, skipping stones in lakes, climbing up extinct volcanoes, searching for wild life (we spotted many elk, a few dear, a wolf, coyotes, a strange bird we have yet to identify, and far too many mosquitoes). At night we roasted marshmallows, star gazed, and slept in a large tent (that was an adventure all on it's own)

Most of all we have been enjoying a slower paced life.

Today is one of the first days i have had Internet access since we left. Apparently trees don't need to check emails. ;)

I'm not sure how service will be at our next stop so my next post may have to wait till we are back home.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!!

A Heart shaped scar on a pine in the Grand Tetons

Shell Falls, WY

Entering the Grand Teton National Park. Snow on the ground in July!!!

Mount Rushmore

More to come!


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