Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back up and running, a winner, other stuff...

Oh sweet computer how i have missed you!!

We have a new monitor, the computer is finally functioning again, Whooo Hooooo!!!
Now I have tons of e-mails to catch up on, tons of postage labels to print and on it goes.

The winner, I know this is really what you stopped in for....drum roll please....

Mrs One sweet world!!!! E-mail me so I can get your pretty out to you.

Also I am missing my volunteer from last week, in the computer drama your e-mail went wandering, your surprise is ready so send me an e-mail when you can :O)

I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many new goodies to share, but I can only give a sneak peek of some. I really need to catch up fully before I can rationalize listing newbies.

Here is a peek...

My new Exclusive Bird Cage and Sweet Little Bird stamps!!! ( I have several more exclusive stamps in the works, I can't wait to share!!)

A beautiful rustic key chain

I may have gone a little overboard on my last gem stone order so you can be sure you will see tons of these beauties soon!
A sweet new design that couples my hand made eternity ring with my capped crystals.

On the Business end...
I saw that many of you sweet ladies who entered the giveaway noted that you are happily waiting for a pretty from me. Rest assured they are on the way now that the computer is back and I can print my postage again.
Thank you again so much for every one who entered the give way!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Computer issues...

The monitor on our computer has died :( So the giveaway will be extended until Friday when we are back up and running again. Be sure to check out the post just below to enter.

If you sent me a message and are waiting to hear back from me please bear with us for the next day or two as we get it fixed.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Giveaway time!!!!

The house is clean! The yard work is done!! I am all caught up on convos and e-mail!!!! so now I can breathe.

What better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!!

Let's give away one of my new rimmed charms with a chalcedony gem drop. Your choice of stone color and letter :)

You know the routine...

~leave a comment for one entry.
~Blog about it for 2 extra entries.

~add our button (over on the left) to your blog for 3 extra entries
Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!
I'll announce the winner on Thursday evening
Good luck!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spoiled ;)

Happy belated Mothers day to all Moms! I hope your day was blessed and wonderful.

My mother's day was just wonderful!!!

I took the whole weekend off! With the exception of trying to track a couple of missing packages, I didn't answer any e-mails or make any jewelry. My kids were thrilled.

Saturday morning we spent cleaning house, listening to music and dancing. We ran errands and had tickle fights.

Saturday evening Rob and I got out for a much needed date. We saw Iron Man 2 (his choice) had a nice dinner. We went to Best Buy where I treated myself to a flip recorder, so I can film the kids being cute and silly. Once i figure out how to upload the videos on to the computer you are sure to be subjected to many little films of the baby dancing...I wont be able to help it he's so darn cute!

Then we went out to the furniture shop to look at sofas...where I got to pick out new living room furniture!!!!!! Photos and a funny story to follow soon on this subject.

We ended the evening with a trip to the grocery store...I know we're so romantic ;)

Sunday was just wonderful!! the kids woke me up with breakfast in bed. They all took turns mixing and stirring to create the yummiest scrambled eggs and buttered toast, which Megan and the baby completely enjoyed eating ;)

They gave me the most beautiful cards.

Rob surprised me with my wedding ring (long story short here, I had my ring adjusted and the jeweler broke it! So it's been with them for repairs for over a month...I missed it!)

Then we had a wonderful picnic in the back yard, and played games and chased daddy around, who in turn chased us around with the hose. We weeded our veggie garden and planted a new crop of cucumbers, and honey dew melons.

It was a blissful day!

Be sure to come back by latter today for a giveaway.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010



My little man is 2!!! I love my sweet little boy. His spirit is so joyful. He randomly breaks into song and dance, gives run by kisses, giggles until he can't stand upright...and melts my heart with every single smile. Happy birthday my baby boy!

On other notes...

See that horrible sofa in the back ground? The one I try to avoid photographing at all costs? It's days are numbered!!! There is a whole story behind that sofa that I will share soon, but for tonight that is all I will say.

AND....Yippeee! all Mother's day orders that were placed on time have shipped out. I wish I could say after a couple of weeks of little to no sleep I'm off to bed early, but alas I need to pull one last late late night to catch up on e-mails and convo. Starbucks here I come!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coming soon!

I'm back from the Queen Bee market! What an amazing show, it was so much fun! I'll have pics to share after all Mother's day orders have shipped out

Just a sneek peak of something that will be in my shop this week!

Happy Monday!