Wednesday, May 5, 2010



My little man is 2!!! I love my sweet little boy. His spirit is so joyful. He randomly breaks into song and dance, gives run by kisses, giggles until he can't stand upright...and melts my heart with every single smile. Happy birthday my baby boy!

On other notes...

See that horrible sofa in the back ground? The one I try to avoid photographing at all costs? It's days are numbered!!! There is a whole story behind that sofa that I will share soon, but for tonight that is all I will say.

AND....Yippeee! all Mother's day orders that were placed on time have shipped out. I wish I could say after a couple of weeks of little to no sleep I'm off to bed early, but alas I need to pull one last late late night to catch up on e-mails and convo. Starbucks here I come!

Happy Wednesday!

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Tracy Rogers said...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMY-EYES" I just love his sweet & joyful spirit!
That the story about the couch ;)