Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our 3 day weekend

We had a full weekend!

Our weekend started with sick kiddies :(

Which lead to homemade beef soup

Meggie and her "tinnie Tia" her Aunt :) My parents and little sister paid us a surprise visit! I think they may have been looking for an excuse to escape the copious amounts of snow they have been getting in the mid west.

Weekend packages heading out to the post office and Nathaniel thrilled that he managed to run off with his sister's paper jam guitar.

OH BE STILL MY HEART! My children volunteered to do the dishes!

Family Game time!

How did you spend the long weekend?


Sunday, February 20, 2011

newbies in the shop :)

I was able to snag a few moments this weekend to post of few more new designs up in my Shop.

These aren't available in my etsy shop right now only HERE

Eclectic Gems (above)

Rustic Monogram

Vintage letters (new font!!!)

Eclectic Moon Mini version

Blessed Love

There are more in the SHOP but I didn't want to overload blogger with photos ;)
Hop on over and check them all out.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday plans...

I had big plans for today. Lot's of things to check of my "to do" list.

But today has turned into a sick day. So I will be cuddling my little man who has a fever. Watching a couple of episodes of Super Mario Cartoons (remember those from the 80's?) and making some Chamomile tea for him.
I hate when the kids feel crummy, but I love that I can hold him on my lap and comfort him, those quiet moments with my kids are worth every unchecked thing on my list.

What are you up to this Friday?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Kisses or conversation hearts... Which is your favorite Valentines candy?

I say you can't go wrong with chocolate ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I worked extra extra late last night (till 3:45am) so I could enjoy a simple day today.

I got up early and popped a pan of "baked" Cinnamon French toast into the oven. Decorated the table with little hearts, so the kiddies could have a special Valentines day breakfast.

Rob had the day off of work today which was Wonderful! He surprised me with Eat Pray Love on DVD and a bouquet of roses. We never exchange Valentines gifts so it was a sweet surprise.

We had lunch together at home and had time to chat.

Nathaniel flirting with me and Rob avoiding the camera.

The kids had a special treat of Churros after dinner.

Thomas left these on my pillow for me :)

It was a slow mellow day and Exactly what I needed!!!
Hope your Valentines' day was wonderful!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

14 things I love...

Conversation Hearts


Glitter :)



An afternoon of making Valentines with the kids :)

What are you loving today?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

14 days of love...

I've lost count! I'll have to catch up this weekend on the 14 days, but today (and every single day) I love Winged hearts!

Like this beautiful picture here...

What do you love today?



Friday, February 11, 2011

Destination healthy start of week 4

It was another slow week of being able to get out and walk. I needed to work several mornings to be sure that Valentines order headed out the door on time.
However I'm down to 171.2 from 175 last week. I can't wait to see that scale drop under 170!
The hardest part of staying on track is working late at night. Most nights I don't get to my work bench until 8 or 9 at night and then I work till midnight or 2 am. I get hungry and need to eat something to be able to work that late, that's when Rob's chocolate snacks in the freezer look best.
I found that Greek yogurt is fabulous for a late night snack. It's high in protein, no fat, and only 100 calories. It gives me the energy I need to keep working and takes care of my sweet craving.
Here's to hoping next week I can make it under 170 :)
Hope you are all doing well with your journey!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

14 days of love!

I've been slacking on my 14 days of love, so sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. I've been a busy little bee finishing up Valentines orders.

Today's love is...

Colorful sparkly gem stones! Love love love these stones!

What do you love today?
Link up and share, we'd love to see :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

14 things I love in Feb... day 4


Glorious pink, orange, teal, turquoise sunsets!

What do you love today? Link up and share :)



Friday, February 4, 2011

14 days of love day 3

Today I love surprises! I found these little guys resting on my photo table today :)

And these arrived anonymously in the mail yesterday! I know I didn't order them, and I have no idea who they are from, so THANK YOU so very much to whom ever sent them :) My gems can't wait for me to clean them up and get them out on the shelves!

what do you love today? Link up an share we'd love to see!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Destination Healthy week 3

This week was not an easy week on the weight loss path.
I only lost 4 ounces :( Guess it's better than nothing though.

I lost 3 days of walking to rain and kids being off of school...and I ate a cupcake. I know since I didn't walk for 3 days I shouldn't have, but met up with a friend for coffee and dessert, and I did, I ate a cupcake.

I have been really good the last couple of days though. I added in an extra mile to my walk, and I bought a home exercise dvd for the days walking outside is impossible.

I had a few people ask me what my goal is.
I haven't set a weight goal. My BIG goal isn't a number or size. It's a hike :)

I know some gals who have had a goal to run a marathon, I'm not a runner but I love to hike.
Growing up and in my young adult years we did lots of backpacking and hiking. Way back before we had kids.
So I plan to train for a backpacking trip. I'm not sure what trail, or mountain yet. I'm looking into what might be a safer hike for a couple of girls (my friend will be going with me) As we look into it and start getting ideas I'll share.

Anyone else want to plan for a backpacking trip? We could make a blogging girls hike :) How much fun would that be!!

Hope everyone who is walking this journey too had a good week!

14 days of love day 2

Love New art work for my "ice blue" walls :)

What do you love today? Link up and share!!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

14 days of love!

In honor of Valentines day, and well, just because... I am posting for 14 days things I love.

I plan to get my camera out each day and capture a special moment, or something or someone I love and share.

Do you want to share too? I've added a linky to my post and i will each day so you can join in too and share something or someone you love :)

Day one...

Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping baby? Love this little guy!!

Click on the link and share some love!


We are harboring a couple of procrastinators in our home. We've had a history of...

procrastinator: "um mom"

Me: "yes (sweetie monkey honey depending on the day)"

procrastinator: "um I have to do a report and visual aid on..."

Me: "okay no problem, have you started to get your ideas together on what you want to write and make?"

procrastinator: "Um yes I have some"

Me: "okay when is it due"

silences follows

Me, sternly: "When is it due"

Procrastinator, tears welling up: "day after tomorrow"

We had way to many of these little "talks" so I put my foot down earlier this year. I warned the older, and younger ones, but mostly the older ones, that the next time they would be on their own. I would not be staying up too late, proof reading, gluing, painting.

So far it has gone well.

We had 2 projects this month, and both of the boys told me more than a week before they were due. We had several days to finish and they both did great! I didn't have to "go on the war path" as my husband calls it. No tears shed, and bed times kept!

Do you have little procrastinators in your home?