Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We are harboring a couple of procrastinators in our home. We've had a history of...

procrastinator: "um mom"

Me: "yes (sweetie monkey honey depending on the day)"

procrastinator: "um I have to do a report and visual aid on..."

Me: "okay no problem, have you started to get your ideas together on what you want to write and make?"

procrastinator: "Um yes I have some"

Me: "okay when is it due"

silences follows

Me, sternly: "When is it due"

Procrastinator, tears welling up: "day after tomorrow"

We had way to many of these little "talks" so I put my foot down earlier this year. I warned the older, and younger ones, but mostly the older ones, that the next time they would be on their own. I would not be staying up too late, proof reading, gluing, painting.

So far it has gone well.

We had 2 projects this month, and both of the boys told me more than a week before they were due. We had several days to finish and they both did great! I didn't have to "go on the war path" as my husband calls it. No tears shed, and bed times kept!

Do you have little procrastinators in your home?




Scrapjoy said...

Wow, are you so on the money! Yes, I have a procrastinator and he probably gets it from me! In some respects I am very organized, in others... not so much. I find I am most creative when I am under the gun so I think it stems from that. So I can't be too hard on him.. but as he approaches 18 he needs to understand when it is time to get it done! :)

Brian and Ruth said...

Ummm yeah!!! Isn't it a prerequisite to have procrastinators in your home if you have children?!?
Getting them to take ownership of their own projects, papers, etc...now that would be something to bottle and sell for sure!
So glad you are having success in your house this year.