Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I worked extra extra late last night (till 3:45am) so I could enjoy a simple day today.

I got up early and popped a pan of "baked" Cinnamon French toast into the oven. Decorated the table with little hearts, so the kiddies could have a special Valentines day breakfast.

Rob had the day off of work today which was Wonderful! He surprised me with Eat Pray Love on DVD and a bouquet of roses. We never exchange Valentines gifts so it was a sweet surprise.

We had lunch together at home and had time to chat.

Nathaniel flirting with me and Rob avoiding the camera.

The kids had a special treat of Churros after dinner.

Thomas left these on my pillow for me :)

It was a slow mellow day and Exactly what I needed!!!
Hope your Valentines' day was wonderful!

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