Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day one of preschool!

It was an exciting first day! Meggie confidently walked into her classroom, walked right up to her teacher to introduce herself, and went to play with the other kids. Not even a glance back at mommy. Sniff.
I'm so grateful that she had no anxiety starting school, but I do miss her little giggles in the morning, her Polly fashion shows, and the plastic peanut butter, tomato, and cheese sandwiches she would make me each day. My babies are growing up!
Can you believe I now have 5 in school each morning?!!! Nathaniel is LOVING the one on one time :)
What are you grateful for today?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Giveaway time!

To celebrate my new Gem Stone line and to celebrate the opening of our new online SHOP we are having a giveaway!

The New Gem Stone Line




Mr. Random will choose one winner Monday night winner to be announced on Tuesday morning.

The winner will have their choice of one of these designs
Soooo how can you win one of these colorful beauties??
Head over to the new online shop take a peek around, then come back here and share with me what you think about it. Examples... If you like it, or don't like it, a favorite feature, or maybe a feature you'd like to see on it.
Also for this weekend only type in the code "GEMSTONE" during check out to receive 10% off any purchase!
Thanks and good luck!

Finally the winners!!

Oh my this was such a hard decision! All the photos were wonderful! Thank you ladies for sharing your wonderful pictures and your time with me. You are the best!! :)
So the 3 grand prize winners are....

Tami of Tami Proffit Photography Tami the photo is amazing and the post you wrote about your mom! I cried happy tears, you are two beautiful special ladies!
This one is by Jenifer Wilson of Jennifer Wilson photo. What can I say ADORABLE!!! I love the set up, the colors. It's whimsical and makes my heart happy!! Creative and just lovely thank you Jen!

This one is by Shan of Our Journey Home. Shan this touch my heart for so many reasons. Knowing the sentiment behind the piece and little Sarah Kate holding it. Touching and Beautiful! If you have a little time you should head over to Shan's blog and read her story. Thank you Shan!
Ladies I'll send out e-mails shortly with details, and for everyone else who entered I have a little something for you as well to say thank you, keep an eye on your in box!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Diet anyone?

Do you Diet? I've been thinking about diets alot lately. 6 pregnancies + sitting in a chair at my workbench for several hours a day + my LOVE of baking ++ consequently eating what I baked = too many inches on my rear (just keeping it real here)

I know I'm not alone in this, the 30's hit and suddenly it's harder to loose weight.

So I'd love to hear how you keep your waistline in check (even if it's just theoretical and you're munching on a gooey caramel brownie as you read this post) If you are I'm quite jealous.

I just can't bring myself to diet, I love food too much, I love cooking too much, and I married a carbaholique who would make dieting a torturous venture.

Instead I've adjusted what I'm eating.
~Like yesterday the kids wanted pizza, so I made a homemade Barbecue chicken apple pizza. It was REALLY yummy and waaay less fat and calories than pizza hut.
~I've started a morning hike/walk in one of our local parks, with 25+ pounds of Nathaniel strapped on to my back. He LOVES it and thinks it's hilarious when mama is out of breath walking up the steep hill.

So here's to hoping i can get back into those size 8 jeans soon, or gasp maybe even a 6 by new years!!

Oh does anyone out there want to come take a berry pie of my hands? Seriously I made a yummy pie and it's sitting on my kitchen counter taunting me...Anyone?!

I'll announce the winners of the photo contest tonight! I soooo wish I could have everyone win (but I would go broke) because the photos were so inventive, sweet, or just so stinkin' cute like this guy...

I can't thank you ladies enough for sharing your time and photos with me!!



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SPARK!!! and the recipe :)

Have you heard of SPARK? The buzz has been all over blog land and I'm sooo thrilled that I get to attend! It was last minute for me because I needed to arrange for sitting, school drop offs and pick ups, Thank you Thank you Thank you LeAnn, Mom, and my Honey for looking after my brood so I can drive off to Utah to play ;) I'm sure I will come home to find the kids have played endless hours of Wii and eaten frosting sandwiches (don't ask!) for dinner, but some times the kids need daddy to take over. I'm sure you'll hear me gushing with excitement as Sept 10th draws near!

So I had every intention of posting the Fish taco recipe (yes mom I remember what you use to say about good intentions) But our internet has been acting up over the last week till last night it was horrible so I had to wait for Verizon to fix it.

Now that I'm back up and running here it is...

Fish tacos, my twist on a recipe from everyday food.

2 pounds tilapia
veggie oil

1/2 cup sour cream
1 lime zest and juice
2-3 shots (shakes dabs what ever you may call it) Tabasco sauce

corn tortillas

red cabbage
finely sliced red and yellow bell peppers
cojita cheese

Turn broiler on to high

rinse and pat dry your fish. Coat in a little bit of veggie oil (a couple of TBLS) salt and pepper squeeze juice of 1 lime over.
Place under broiler for 6-8 minutes or till cooked through and fish flakes.

While the fish cooks put sour cream in a bowl at the zest of one lime the juice of one whole lime, and tobasco sauce to taste, stir.

Chop your veggies and heat your tortillas.
Serve and enjoy! Easy Peasy!!! (and the first meal in ages that EVERYONE loved!!)

What is a dinner time winner in your home? I'd love to hear!



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookie Lookie!!!!!

I'm so excited about this design I seriously squealed with joy when I pulled it out of the tumbler and saw the final result!

I've had this design in my sketch book for over 2 Years!! There were many reasons why it took me this long to create, but I have to say it was sooooo worth the wait!

I will have it featured in my new shop later tonight and it will make it into my etsy shop later this week.

The heart is hand formed then stamped and I have hand set little gem stones just at the bottom. It's shiny and sentimental, and just gorgeous!

Don't forget the photo contest and if you love this design too take advantage of the 15% off sale by entering "happyday" when you check out in the new online shop!!

(recipes will be posted later tonight my computer is really acting up today!)



New Bracelets!

Photos for the contest are still trickling in, you have till Wednesday :) Thank you again to those that have sent them!
I will have another giveaway soon Stay tuned!

I finished these cuties yesterday. I can't wait to get them up in the new shop tonight!

I have this thing for winged hearts. They are whimsical, pretty, inspiring, and they make my heart happy :) This one above I hand formed and fused from silver wire. I stamped it (I will personalize these) and then hand made the chain adding in 2 more hearts. LOVE it!

This one is sweet and simple, but makes such a statement! The bracelet version of our Open Heart necklace.



Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes yumminess is a real word, at least in my world it is ;)

It is a RARE occasion that someone doesn't complain about what I cooked. When you are feeding 6 kids let's face it you can't please them all. Tonight was one of those BLISSFUL nights where everyone LOVED the meal.

What was this magic food you ask?... Fish tacos.

Seriously! Fish tacos. I was sure at least half of them would gag and complain and act as though I had served worms or worse. but they couldn't get enough. I'll share my recipe tomorrow along with the berry galette recipe I promised.


A few ladies very sweetly asked me if I could extend the deadline by a couple of day, and manners will get you far with me so I said yes :) I'll announce the 3 winners on Wednesday so there is still time!! Grab your camera and snap some pictures of your jewelry. I've had some great entries so far...too cute! I can't wait to share them.

SALE!!!! Take advantage of the 15% off sale in my new SHOP simply enter the code "happyday" when you check out.

I will have 2 fabulous new bracelet designs in the new shop tomorrow!!

happy Monday day!



Sunday, August 22, 2010

SALE !!!!!! and don't forget the photo contest!!!

Don't Forget to take advantage of the BIG GRAND OPENING SALE for my new online shop!! Just enter HAPPYDAY when you check out for 15% off your entire purchase!!

The PHOTO CONTEST is still open! Grab your camera and your favorite Cinnamon*Sticks design and snap away! I will choose 3 winner, who will each get a $100 gift certificate to spend as they like in either of my shops.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 20, 2010

!!!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!!!

Yipeeee!!!! the new SHOP is well stocked! I am adding in new items each night after the kiddies are in bed but all of our best sellers are there!

Soooooooo In honor of our new SHOP I am having a 15% off of everything sale!! Come on over and check IT out....you know there is something you have been eyeing ;)

To take advantage of the sale enter the code. HAPPYDAY during check out and the discount will automatically be applied. How cool is that, no waiting for a paypal reimbursement!

The sale applies only to the new SHOP not to the etsy shop.



A boy and his blankie

This blankie has be looooved! It's been there to soothe away a scary dream, and snuggle with when his belly ached. To keep him "warm" even when it's 100 out. He loves his blankie!
What treasured item does your wee one have?
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glorious Giveaway Goodness

Don't you just love alliteration? I do especially when I feel giddy, and I feel giddy today :)

So what giveaway goodness do I have in store for you gracious gentle gals?

~Giveaway contest #1.... Photo Contest....FYI some of you lovely ladies have apologized when sending your photos because they are taken with a point and shoot, or as you may have put it "not professional" PLEASE don't think they all need to be professional photos!
I am so happy to have anything you send!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I have extended the dead line to Sunday night, winners will be announced on Monday as planned.

~Giveaway #2.... Mique of 30days is having a Fabulous week-long Giveaway with 30+ shops!! So head over to visit her and Enter to win a Gift certificate to My Shop.

~Giveaway #3 to be announced this weekend....This one is part of the reason I am giddy today so be sure to come back on by and check it out, m-kay!!


Picnic anyone?

Don't forget about the photo contest! I've had some great entries and would LOVE to see more.

Send your pics of you showing off your cinnamon*sticks designs to jewelrybycanela@yahoo.com for a chance to win 1 of 3 $100 gift certificates to my shop!!!


Middle school and the "tweens" are such an interesting transitional time. Our oldest is smack in the middle of those. Too old to be caught playing with barbies or dolls (but will still try when she thinks we're not watching and she board) She wants to gab about boy bands, but boys are gross...um please keep thinking that till you're done with high school maybe college!! (aren't all parent a little delusional when it come to wishing their girls won't notice boys till they are grown up, come on you know you are too.)

So that said, I Cherish the time when I find our oldest (almost 12) happily playing pretend with her little sister.

It makes my heart so happy!!

What is making your heart happy today?



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gem stone goodies and don't forget the contest!!!!

Don't forget about the photo contest! The Prize is BIG.
Read HERE for the details....and keep the pictures coming in :)

The website is almost ready! Tracy did an amazing job making my new banner for it (thanks sis!) so all I need to do is stock it! Yippee! I will have a big sale when it's fully stocked so come on back by this week.

Almost all of my faceted gem stones have arrived! I'm just waiting on 3 more that arrive this week.

Check them out

I make these little charms myself and set the stones by hand. I just LOVE them. They are a wonderful and more subtle way to represent your loved ones.

You can find the necklace HERE in my Etsy SHOP.

Hope your Tuesday holds wonderful surprises for you, like a bouquet of dandelions from your favorite little person, or a quite moment to soak in something beautiful :)



Monday, August 16, 2010

The big contest Giveaway!

As a busy mom, wife, small independent business owner, and creative soul, I sometimes need to ask for help!

I've got some big projects (like a new website opening this week!) in the works over here and I need Help from all you wonderful ladies (or gentlemen) who own my jewelry.

In additional to the new web site I have several craft shows scheduled.
So what help do I need from my amazing customers and friends?


like this one I snagged From Allison Waken of our simple circles earrings..

Isn't she a cutie! click on her name above to check out her wonderful photography and blog.

Soooo, Get your camera and your cinnamon*sticks design(s) out and get creative.

Take a picture of your jewelry, on you, your kids, your cat...hey if it's cute it works!

I need some pictures of jewelry on people, but not every picture needs to be on a person, you're the photographer so have fun!

E-mail your high resolution photos along with your permission to use them! (they will be used in my etsy shop, on my new website, or printed and used in brochures, and at my table during craft shows.)

Now to the good stuff...What can you win by helping me out with photos?
I will choose 3 winners! (or my hubby will choose if I can't decide ;)
Those 3 winners will each win a $100 gift certificate to my shop!
Please have your entries e-mailed to me by 11:59pm Friday Aug. 20th. I will go over them all and announce a winner on Monday along with a GRAND OPENING SALE! on the new web site!
So start clicking...click click click!!!
thank you!

Check it out :)

My sweet friend is celebrating her blogging birthday! To honor the anniversary she is giving away this adorable necklace.

What happy Heart could resist the glitter!!! Head on over to Dana's blog Tutu Monkey and wish her a happy bloggy birthday and enter to win this cutie....

Later today I will have a giveaway of my own! This one will be BIG BIG BIG so you wont want to miss out!!!! Did I mention REALLY BIG!!!!



Saturday, August 14, 2010

weekend fun!

we have a busy weekend planned. Mostly errands and chores, but I love the feeling of crossing so many things off the to do list in one short day.

To do on Saturday

~Go to Target to get school supplies (done!)

~Home Depot for more top soil (done!)

~Go to grocery store (done!)

~Weed veggie garden and pull out dead plants (done!)

~sow new seeds for winter harvest

~clean kitchen (done!)

~clean bathrooms (done!)

~spend 2 hours on orders at the work bench (next on the list)

~answer e-mails (working on now)

~Enjoy yummy berry galette with kids that we made last night (Can't wait!)

How is your weekend shaping up?



Friday, August 13, 2010

over the fence

Over the fence in our back yard is a Ginormous Cactus.
I am not a cactus lover. They are interesting plants. They're fighters, they're survivors, so I can't hate them. But I have never loved the view of my neighbors now 10 foot cactus that leans over the fence into my yard...until this morning.

Apparently it blooms in the early early morning (I mean by 8 am the blossoms are closed) But I caught a glimpse of the blooms this morning, and I may understand now why my neighbor loves her monstrous cactus...it has a beautiful side.

What unexpected surprise has brightened your day?



Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's giveaway time again!
Head on over to Design Mom's Blog 2 lucky people will win a gift certificate to my shop

You could spend it on these....

or these....

or these....

Tons of new listing went up this week, don't miss out!!!

Also I will be having a fun Giveaway/Contest here on my blog starting on Monday. I need some good quality uniqu photos of my jewelry to use in some ads, and to display at my next few shows. So If you already have a Cinnamon Sticks Design grab your camera and be sure to check in on Monday for the details!!

good luck!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

and off we go

It's that time of year again.

The kiddies are headed back to school.
Alexander was super excited to finally go to school this year. I can't wait to hear his report on his first day of Kindergarten.
For everyone else it was old hat, just getting back into daily routine.

Meggie doesn't start preschool until the end of this month, and Kaiya at a different school than the boys. so they chatted and played while I saw the bos to their calsses.
I love it when then girls hold hands and chat about sister stuff.

This year should prove interesting, at least until I get adjusted to out routine.

We have 3 different drop of times in the morning, and 4 different pick up times. I think Nathaniel and I are will just camp out in the van for most of the day ;)

Can you believe I will only have one child with me for the morning? What ever will I do with all the quite time? Maybe we'll take advantage and go to story time at our library, play at the park, or enjoy a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop.

What do you do when the kids are all at school?



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something Unique!

This pendant and I have a love hate relationship. It had me in utter tears last night as I was trying to create it. Multiple mistakes coupled with issues while soldering, I almost gave up. But stubborn as I am I weathered on determined to bring it to life.

Personally I have to say it was worth the trouble!

I love the whimsical elegance. It reminds me some what of an old fashion Western Marquee.
It is the perfect piece to display your children's names or a special quote or poem.
The little gem stone set above can be a clear stone as shown or any of the birthstones.

Yep I love mine :)

I'll hopefully have it listed for sale later tonight.

Don't forget to check these little cuties out tonight too!

So what do you think of the new pieces? Hmmmm I think we'll have to give one away pretty soon.



NEW!!! Set gemstone charms!

These little cuties will make it to my shop later tonight but I just had to share.

Each little charm is cupped and has a genuine faceted gemstone set in silver in the center.

I'm still missing a couple of the birthstone months but I should be able to hunt them down with a gem stone supplier soon, so I will be able to offer all the months.

Stay tuned I'm at my work bench for the next couple of hours so more newbies to come later today!



Monday, August 9, 2010

The wheels are turning!

A new shipment of gemstones and handmade glass beads arrived today!!

Hmmm what should I make? Rings or pendants?
How has your Monday inspired you?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm a dreamer

I'm a daydreamer, and proud of it! I'm sure it drove my parents crazy when I was a child. I know it drives Rob (my honey) nuts every now and then, but it's the artist and the optimist in me.

I often daydream about this building. It's just GORGEOUS! built in 1911. All brick trimmed in copper at the top.

AMAZING wrought iron floral details over the windows and door.

Wrought iron flower baskets with vivid geraniums under the windows.

This wonderful old fashion style clock perched on the corner.

Topiaries in the front and a little fountain by the door. SWOON!
oh and don't even get me going on the inside. Heavenly!

I've passed this building for years and years now.
I can always picture it as my little storefront/ studio. It's been a dream of mine since i was about 7 or 8 to own my own jewelry store, and this is what it would look like.

This fabulous building up until very recently has been a floral shop and now it's up for Lease! Oh how I wish. But with the kiddies still so young this isn't the time to venture that far out so I'll just keep dreaming and hope that when that time comes the lease sign is back in the window ;)

What do you daydream about?



Saturday, August 7, 2010

learning something new

My honey bought me a photoshop program last Christmas. I finally have had the time to upload it and start to play with it a bit. I'm excited to to figure it all out, when I have the time.

My first attempt :)



It's no Ansel Adams but I do love Black and white photography.
What did you get up to this weekend?

Friday, August 6, 2010

How Does your Garden grow....

With Love!

I'm so Excited about our new Exclusive Design stamps!

These little cuties were inspired while I was planting our veggie garden this year with the kiddies.

They are whimsical and sweet and would melt any mamma's heart!

There are so many option with these. I'll have a necklace for a mom (or grandma) of 3, 2, or 1.
or if you have a larger family like us you can have double of your favorite flower.

Even the little watering can all on her own is too sweet!

These will all be listed later today after my little ones are all tucked into their (flower) beds ;)

There will be another new design post here on either Saturday or Sunday so be sure to keep checking back!!!

Oh and the Capture life ring made it into my shop today. I know several of you fabulous photographers have been asking me about it!!