Monday, August 16, 2010

The big contest Giveaway!

As a busy mom, wife, small independent business owner, and creative soul, I sometimes need to ask for help!

I've got some big projects (like a new website opening this week!) in the works over here and I need Help from all you wonderful ladies (or gentlemen) who own my jewelry.

In additional to the new web site I have several craft shows scheduled.
So what help do I need from my amazing customers and friends?


like this one I snagged From Allison Waken of our simple circles earrings..

Isn't she a cutie! click on her name above to check out her wonderful photography and blog.

Soooo, Get your camera and your cinnamon*sticks design(s) out and get creative.

Take a picture of your jewelry, on you, your kids, your cat...hey if it's cute it works!

I need some pictures of jewelry on people, but not every picture needs to be on a person, you're the photographer so have fun!

E-mail your high resolution photos along with your permission to use them! (they will be used in my etsy shop, on my new website, or printed and used in brochures, and at my table during craft shows.)

Now to the good stuff...What can you win by helping me out with photos?
I will choose 3 winners! (or my hubby will choose if I can't decide ;)
Those 3 winners will each win a $100 gift certificate to my shop!
Please have your entries e-mailed to me by 11:59pm Friday Aug. 20th. I will go over them all and announce a winner on Monday along with a GRAND OPENING SALE! on the new web site!
So start click click!!!
thank you!


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Fun! I need to start snapping. I could spend $100 in your shop in a heartbeat!

shan said...

Ohhhhh, this is so exciting! I'm inspired to try to catch some pics, now to find the time to do it!!!