Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes yumminess is a real word, at least in my world it is ;)

It is a RARE occasion that someone doesn't complain about what I cooked. When you are feeding 6 kids let's face it you can't please them all. Tonight was one of those BLISSFUL nights where everyone LOVED the meal.

What was this magic food you ask?... Fish tacos.

Seriously! Fish tacos. I was sure at least half of them would gag and complain and act as though I had served worms or worse. but they couldn't get enough. I'll share my recipe tomorrow along with the berry galette recipe I promised.


A few ladies very sweetly asked me if I could extend the deadline by a couple of day, and manners will get you far with me so I said yes :) I'll announce the 3 winners on Wednesday so there is still time!! Grab your camera and snap some pictures of your jewelry. I've had some great entries so far...too cute! I can't wait to share them.

SALE!!!! Take advantage of the 15% off sale in my new SHOP simply enter the code "happyday" when you check out.

I will have 2 fabulous new bracelet designs in the new shop tomorrow!!

happy Monday day!



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