Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glorious Giveaway Goodness

Don't you just love alliteration? I do especially when I feel giddy, and I feel giddy today :)

So what giveaway goodness do I have in store for you gracious gentle gals?

~Giveaway contest #1.... Photo Contest....FYI some of you lovely ladies have apologized when sending your photos because they are taken with a point and shoot, or as you may have put it "not professional" PLEASE don't think they all need to be professional photos!
I am so happy to have anything you send!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I have extended the dead line to Sunday night, winners will be announced on Monday as planned.

~Giveaway #2.... Mique of 30days is having a Fabulous week-long Giveaway with 30+ shops!! So head over to visit her and Enter to win a Gift certificate to My Shop.

~Giveaway #3 to be announced this weekend....This one is part of the reason I am giddy today so be sure to come back on by and check it out, m-kay!!


1 comment:

jennifer wilson said...

Such a great idea :) I'm hoping your package arrives today so I can take some photos and enter the contest!!