Saturday, August 14, 2010

weekend fun!

we have a busy weekend planned. Mostly errands and chores, but I love the feeling of crossing so many things off the to do list in one short day.

To do on Saturday

~Go to Target to get school supplies (done!)

~Home Depot for more top soil (done!)

~Go to grocery store (done!)

~Weed veggie garden and pull out dead plants (done!)

~sow new seeds for winter harvest

~clean kitchen (done!)

~clean bathrooms (done!)

~spend 2 hours on orders at the work bench (next on the list)

~answer e-mails (working on now)

~Enjoy yummy berry galette with kids that we made last night (Can't wait!)

How is your weekend shaping up?



1 comment:

Tracy Rogers said...

omgosh, that looks so good! Save me some ;)