Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home sweet Home!

As wonderful as any vacation can be there is just something so satisfying about unlocking your own front door and stepping into something familiar.
The kids and I had an amazing time in Oklahoma. we visited with my parents and my little sister, my sister and brother in law and their 5 kiddies, my brother, my Tia and Tio (Aunt and Uncle) and a couple of my cousins. It was so nice to visit my family!

We went to splash parks and the swimming pool at my parent place, the Oklahoma Aquarium, and lots of Restaurants.
On the way back home we stopped by the Grand Canyon.

I'll have plenty of photos and fun snippets to share later, but today well, vacation is over and it's back to normal life.

My Honey is back to work as of yesterday, I need to unpack all the bags, clean the van ( 6 kids in it for 2 straight days driving home, it's a mess!) get the kids school supplies organized, they go back to school next week :(
Then we are off to the grocery store, the fridge is bear. Check the veggie garden to see what needs to be picked and weed the flower beds.

Finally I need to finish e-mails and convos, snap photos of the new jewelry designs (are you excited to see them? I'm excited to show them!)crop photos and get the new listings all ready. WHEW!!! busy busy day!

What are your plans for today?

I reopen the shop tomorrow afternoon! Plus a couple of fun giveaways will start this weekend!!!
Here are a few pics from the splash park




Allison said...

Yay! You're back, can't wait to put in my birthday wish list for the shop.

Today just working and cleaning - such fun!

Scrapjoy said...

Love the pics of the summer fun Canela. Of course I am excited to see all your new stuff...can't wait to ooooh and ahhhh!! :)

TUTU Monkey said...

Welcome back!!

Looks like you are really enjoying your summer!!

Hope to see you soon!! Love the new rings too!!