Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Days

My little man went off to preschool today. SNIFF!
It's only for 2 days a week for a couple of hours but it is so strange to be home all alone.
I hope he's loving it.

What do you do with your day time when the kids are at school?
My big plans are to clean house, answer emails and exercise.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun with Gem stones

I'm so excited to share part of my new line with you. I have so so many new items to get up in the shops that it is going to take a full day. I blocked off Wednesday to get them all up. I'll post the links on Wednesday evening :)

Until then here is another peek!

A new line of rings, more stone colors are available!

Loving this new pendant. Perfect for couples or moms! It will be available with more or less than the 2 gem stones shown.

Gem stone stacking Bangles!!! These are just stunning and so fun to mix and match with my other bangle sets!

I'll be back soon with my Sunday Yummies post and more eye candy.
Happy Monday!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

a couple newbies and a new blog series

After how nutty and stressful, the last school year was I have decided that if I am going to maintain what bit of sanity I have left we needed to make some major changes in our house hold.

With 3 different school drop of times and 4 different school pick up times and Rob gone 4 nights out of the week taking night classes after working all day, coupled in with normal life of homework and errands and business, being organized and prepared is beyond essential.

So this school year I prepared early.
We set up a rotating chore list and reward system for the kids. With 6 kids it's a lot of info so I'll share that soon in it's own post.

I have also started back into the routine of cooking on Sunday for the whole week. I did this back when we only had 3 kiddies and I worked away from home.
It's amazing how much stress this removes from my life.
It's going so well i decided to share our weekly menu and recipes here in a new series of posts I'm going to call "the Sunday Yummies" It's going to be a work in progress but hopefully it can help take some stress from your week, and if nothing else give you a couple of yummy new recipes. The first "Sunday Yummies" post will be this weekend :)

For now here are some new pretties. I'm baby sitting my niece today so I wont be able to list them until tomorrow but here's a sneak peek...

my new "bee" series inspired by the Queen Bee Market.

"Bee" creative....Bee loved......Bee kind.....Bee genuine....Bee Brave....Bee who you are....

Bee.....(the possibilities are endless!)

As with almost all of my bracelets the chain is all handmade by my two little hands.

I haven't named these girls yet, but I am in love! If you haven't noticed by now I have a major thing for hearts. I sketch each heart free hand and cut each with my handy jewelers saw. I fabricate the gem stone bezel by hand, add the beaded border by hand, and then cut stamp and add each word tag. These are a true labor of love.

I'm sure you've also noticed by now I also have a thing for the beach. This beauty is new to my beach line of jewelry. Handmade chain and all :)

This was a custom request for my friend Liz of This Little Piggie (she makes the cutest hand painted piggy banks that my kids are Huge fans of)

Liz's sister joined the peace core and shipped off to Africa for 2 years. Liz and her family wanted to have something special made so her sis would know she was in their hearts and thoughts on the other side of the world.

When I have a few quiet moments and a strong cup of coffee I'll get these all added into the shops :)

Do you have a favorite make ahead meal, I'd love to hear about it!


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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Queen Bee Rocks!

Have I gushed enough about the Queen Bee Market? I don't think there is a such a thing as gushing enough about this Market. This is the Market that all other handmade market hope to bee when they grow up! Mark your calendars for November 18th and 19th for the holiday Queen Bee Market. Seriously book your flights now, get the girls together and plan for a road trip because it will be HUGE and AH-MAZING.

The Vintage Rabbit. The sweet sweet Joy, had a gorgeous set up.

Blue Corduroy . Such loveliness.

sweet funky vintage. These skirts!!! I so wanted to get Meggie one, but I promised my honey I wouldn't do any shopping, after our 10 state camping vacation. He has no idea how nearly impossible that is at the Queen Bee Market! But I keep my promises, and someone else went home with all her lovely skirts.

Jess's Amazing Roses. I just love staring at her booth space so cheery and lovely, and oh her tables that her hubby made for her. vintage windows on old for the tops and old black pipes for the legs, let me tell you, I had major table envy!

Misfit Menagerie (how stinkin cute!)

There were so so sooooo many other amazingly talented ladies, with gorgeous eye candy at every booth. So I don't over load blogger with photos stop on by The Queen Bee Market web site and check them all out. :)

***disclaimer*** get a good cup of coffee or tea, and block out a couple of hours before you click on the link. There is so much gorgeousness and inspiration you can spend a day looking at every one's sites ;)

The top of my booth space with my sign (and the top of Jen's head of Tatertots and Jello) It was so fun to see so many blog "celebrities" looking at my jewelry :)

More of my set up and sweet Jess looking around at my pretties.

Mique and Jess are the Rock stars behind the Queen Bee Market. Just when you think the Market couldn't possibly get any better, these girls wave their magic handmade wands and poof . Okay not really *poof*, they spend hours and weeks planning each and every detail organizing advertising pouring in their blood sweat and tears and it shows. You girls are the best :)

My New Ribbon Wrap bracelets. I love these so much and they are finally ready for listing after several months of planning and stocking up on tons of pretty silk ribbon colors. They will be up tomorrow in both shops.

Plus Tomorrow's post will have a sale code!!!!

Hope to see you at the next Queen Bee Market!


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Monday, August 15, 2011

still here :)

I took an extended break from my blog and the shops to get things in order for this next school year so that life and my shops will run smoothly this year. I happy with the changes I will be implementing and confident that they will help tremendously.

I'll be back in the next couple of days with a full post about this summer's Queen Bee Market (which was awesome!)

A post with updates about the shops and some of my new line of pretties (so excited to share them with you all!)

A post about our summer adventures.

and A post sharing some of the hardships and struggles I've dealt with over the last year and why I took close to 3 months off.

I hope you all have had a lovely summer!


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