Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Newbie

New in the shoppe

I have wanted to make an adoption necklace for ages now. My sisters and I are adopted :O)
My mom kept a poem in her office that I always loved. One of the lines in it was "you grew not under my heart but in it"

This necklace is a tribute to my parents and all parents who have struggled and fought and given up so much to bring a child in to their home as their own to love.

Love you mom and dad! :O)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You are as happy as you choose to be......

There are those days, when life seems overwhelming. It feels like we have just have more on our plate than we can handle; the kids being sick for over a month, Rob's car taking a huge chunk out of the bank to get fixed, the fridge/freezer heating up inside the day after I buy groceries.
But some how there is always space for a little more...
On my way back from the post office my van overheated, shuttered, and as Alexander said "it growled at us". I really think maybe it did, it was not happy with red lights flashing warnings on the dash board. So I pulled off the road and shut it off to cool down. I then pulled out my cell phone to call my hubby. The battery was dead. I waited for 20 minutes with 3 very grumpy children, for the van to cool down enough to drive the last 4 miles home. I grumbled all the way home feeling the self pity well up. What more! Why now!
We made it home. I hurried the kids in so I could call the school and tell them I wasn't going to make it to pick up Gabriel at noon. I called Rob at work to see if he wanted to come home or have me tow the van.
Just as my bad mood was at it's peak, I came in to find Alexander reading to Megan from his new Animal Babies book.

Megan was listening eagerly to Alexander reading about the "chippie monks"

My beautiful baby boy sleeping peacefully

I took a deep breath, this too shall pass. with out the hardship we really can't appreciate the beauty and the blessings. Life is beautiful. :O)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy times

Whew! I think we are finally on the mend (knock on wood please!)

It's amazing how much a good night sleep can affect you, or perhaps 3 months of consistently getting up every two hours at night can affect you.

When you have a family as large as ours you have no choice but to tag team the night time wake ups when the kiddies are sick. Both Rob (my hubby for those who don't know) and I haven't had a decent nights sleep since early March. Literally every night since the beginning of March we have had at least two wake ups per night (a good night) until last night...

Ahhh sweet blissful sleep! We actually slept from midnight straight through to 6 am, or maybe we were just so tired that we didn't hear anything. I think we could have slept through a 7.0 earthquake! But whether it was that we were dead to the world or not I feel great today!

The kiddies other than consistent runny noses and a lingering coughs are almost healthy and happily playing and full or their normal energy again :O)

I managed to finish 12 pieces of jewelry during nap time and between school pickups. I plan to get at least another 6 finished tonight! So I maybe a little hopeful as Rob and I have a church meeting till 10 but hey I'm a dreamer.

We are rounding out the school year, 3 more weeks! The kids are thrilled, we are going to Colorado for a family reunion in July. They can't wait to see grandma and papa and play with their cousins.

On that note I will be closing up my shop sometime between June 8 to the 15th depending on how busy it gets. I will stay closed until August 1st! Part of me hates to close for so long but we are looking forward to a vacation and some family time. I promise though that all the new designs will be done by then and ready to list! I have tons!!!!

I hope everyone elses life is peaceful, :O)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New in the shop...

As ever there is just not enough time to make everything my little heart desires, but a few days lost to caring for and nurturing my little sickies is more than worth the sacrifice.

As time allows over the summer while I close for vacation then I might get to the others, but for now here are some of the new things up in my shop...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lookie what I made :O)

I'm thrilled to have finally had an opportunity to make a bezel, set a stone and make a finished ring!

I need to refine my technique before I will feel comfortable selling them, but by the end of summer!
I'm slowly getting a few of the new designs back up, I will be fully open again by the end of the weekend.
The new necklace from below is in my shop now! Check it out HERE

Have a wonderful Thursday!


The Winner is....

Heidi of Twirling through life!

Heidi send me an e-mail


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delay in re opening

The Giveaway is still on till Midnight tonight just go to the post below to enter!!!! Thank you so much for the sweet welcome backs and lovely comments every one has left :O)

Just when I thought we were out of the woods....Our two youngest had a relapse of croup and are really sick, so I have had to put off re opening fully until Thursday. I have added a couple of pieces back in but the new designs are still waiting to be photographed.

I also still have a ton of jewelry to clearance off. I might just sell them directly through the blog so keep an eye out after tomorrow winner is announced.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giveaway time!!!!!

No that I have finally caught up It's time for a giveaway :O)

I LOVE this new design and I can't wait to get it into my shop. Until then one luck reader can win one!

The sterling bead caps are stamped with a name or word and then placed over a Swarovski crystal or pearl. You can choose your children birthstone colors or maybe their favorite color if you don't like their birthstone, or even your Favorite colors!

The winner will receive up to four capped crystals customized as requested. They will hang from a gorgeous high quality sterling rolo chain.

I'm keeping this one simple, just leave a comment for a chance to win! I will announce the winner next Wednesday morning.


I'm still alive :O)

It's been too long!
When ever I feel my plate is a bit too full, life inevitably decides to test just how full it can get! The last month has just been crazy, with all 6 kids progressively coming down with the flu a day or two apart each, then two got double ear infections and the rest caught croup. All while daddy and I were trying to get over the flu as well.
It's tough when any of them get sick, but it always pulls on my heart most to see the baby so sick and miserable.
Thank goodness everyone is healthy again!
While I was gone tons happened but some of the highlights.....
The baby turned 1!!!!!! Nathaniel now officially has a #, before if anyone would ask the kids their age they would all chime in with their respective numbers and then inform whom ever asked "but my little brother is zero"
Our oldest two brought home outstanding report cards.
Kaiya is reading through books faster than I can find another good series for her to enjoy (any recommendations for a good series is appreciated!) She can finsh a 700+ page book in a week or so.
Thomas is thrilled to have passed the test so he can read chapter books now. He is enjoying the adventures of the Magic Tree House.
Gabriel is as energetic as ever, still doing wonderfully in Kindergarten, and loving having the opportunity to have play dates with someone other than his brothers.
Alexander has taken it upon himself to learn how to add and subtract. He still doesn't know that he wont be old enough to enter kindergarten next year. We know he will be a bit heart broken.
Megan is feisty as always full of life and love. She is almost 3 now.
Nathaniel loves to crawl at full speed to chase everyone else. He stands, waves, says hi and hiya, momma, dada, and gama. He hasn't shown any interest in walking yet, I think he know to keep up with his brothers and sisters he needs to be fast.
Rob has been busy as ever, he was elected vice president of his Teacher's union( I think maybe that happened in February but dates are blurred now), he joined our church counsel board, and started playing soccer again. He has also been hired on as my official packaging department. All those pretty little bow tied on the jewelry boxes are courtesy of my honey. He also tapes labels and does all my international mailing! I never would have been able to mail out Mother's day orders on time with out him :O)
Life remains mostly the same for me. I won an award for jewelry design over on Journal Modiste. Rob and I are preparing to become a presenting couple for World Wide Marriage Encounter (an awesome ministry!) We are almost done writing all out talks and due to present our first weekend over the summer. I finally got my veggie garden planted, one of my very favorite things to do each spring. I also dug out most of out front garden and all of our back garden and planted lots of new rose bushes.
On a business end, I partially closed my shop to get the kids healthy again and to get caught up.
I am finally caught back up and feeling less stressed. I will be working this weekend on some new designs that I am really excited about! I am learning to make bezels and set stones, I have some new unique mother's jewelry designs, and I am learning about enameling. So keep an eye out!
Now that I am back in full swing and life feel somewhat normal again, I will be having a sneak peak at a new mother's design and I will be giving one away tonight!
Come back by late to check it out and for a chance to enter!!!!!!!!!
Hope all is well in everyone's world