Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Newbie

New in the shoppe

I have wanted to make an adoption necklace for ages now. My sisters and I are adopted :O)
My mom kept a poem in her office that I always loved. One of the lines in it was "you grew not under my heart but in it"

This necklace is a tribute to my parents and all parents who have struggled and fought and given up so much to bring a child in to their home as their own to love.

Love you mom and dad! :O)

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chinamommy said...

Love this! i adopted my daughter from China almost 5 years ago. i adopted as a 1st choice & knew that is what i wanted to do since i was 8 or 9! i swear i can hardly tell she's Chinese anymore, i just can't see it. She IS my daughter, the one God always had for me...
of: chinamommy