Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You are as happy as you choose to be......

There are those days, when life seems overwhelming. It feels like we have just have more on our plate than we can handle; the kids being sick for over a month, Rob's car taking a huge chunk out of the bank to get fixed, the fridge/freezer heating up inside the day after I buy groceries.
But some how there is always space for a little more...
On my way back from the post office my van overheated, shuttered, and as Alexander said "it growled at us". I really think maybe it did, it was not happy with red lights flashing warnings on the dash board. So I pulled off the road and shut it off to cool down. I then pulled out my cell phone to call my hubby. The battery was dead. I waited for 20 minutes with 3 very grumpy children, for the van to cool down enough to drive the last 4 miles home. I grumbled all the way home feeling the self pity well up. What more! Why now!
We made it home. I hurried the kids in so I could call the school and tell them I wasn't going to make it to pick up Gabriel at noon. I called Rob at work to see if he wanted to come home or have me tow the van.
Just as my bad mood was at it's peak, I came in to find Alexander reading to Megan from his new Animal Babies book.

Megan was listening eagerly to Alexander reading about the "chippie monks"

My beautiful baby boy sleeping peacefully

I took a deep breath, this too shall pass. with out the hardship we really can't appreciate the beauty and the blessings. Life is beautiful. :O)


Katy32 said...

Thank you for posting this. You just reminded me to sit back and take a look at how great my life really is. We are all very blessed. I'll say some prayers that everything starts going smoother for you.

Rita said...

I know crazy time...thank you for stopping by my blog. The sale went great, you need to come and relax with the crazy barn ladies. I will be in Coronado for a show next Sunday, beautiful place. Check out mammabellarte for more info. See you soon Ciao