Thursday, August 25, 2011

a couple newbies and a new blog series

After how nutty and stressful, the last school year was I have decided that if I am going to maintain what bit of sanity I have left we needed to make some major changes in our house hold.

With 3 different school drop of times and 4 different school pick up times and Rob gone 4 nights out of the week taking night classes after working all day, coupled in with normal life of homework and errands and business, being organized and prepared is beyond essential.

So this school year I prepared early.
We set up a rotating chore list and reward system for the kids. With 6 kids it's a lot of info so I'll share that soon in it's own post.

I have also started back into the routine of cooking on Sunday for the whole week. I did this back when we only had 3 kiddies and I worked away from home.
It's amazing how much stress this removes from my life.
It's going so well i decided to share our weekly menu and recipes here in a new series of posts I'm going to call "the Sunday Yummies" It's going to be a work in progress but hopefully it can help take some stress from your week, and if nothing else give you a couple of yummy new recipes. The first "Sunday Yummies" post will be this weekend :)

For now here are some new pretties. I'm baby sitting my niece today so I wont be able to list them until tomorrow but here's a sneak peek...

my new "bee" series inspired by the Queen Bee Market.

"Bee" creative....Bee loved......Bee kind.....Bee genuine....Bee Brave....Bee who you are....

Bee.....(the possibilities are endless!)

As with almost all of my bracelets the chain is all handmade by my two little hands.

I haven't named these girls yet, but I am in love! If you haven't noticed by now I have a major thing for hearts. I sketch each heart free hand and cut each with my handy jewelers saw. I fabricate the gem stone bezel by hand, add the beaded border by hand, and then cut stamp and add each word tag. These are a true labor of love.

I'm sure you've also noticed by now I also have a thing for the beach. This beauty is new to my beach line of jewelry. Handmade chain and all :)

This was a custom request for my friend Liz of This Little Piggie (she makes the cutest hand painted piggy banks that my kids are Huge fans of)

Liz's sister joined the peace core and shipped off to Africa for 2 years. Liz and her family wanted to have something special made so her sis would know she was in their hearts and thoughts on the other side of the world.

When I have a few quiet moments and a strong cup of coffee I'll get these all added into the shops :)

Do you have a favorite make ahead meal, I'd love to hear about it!


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TinyPumpkin said...

Thanks again Canela, on your wonderful creation for my sister! The CA charm was exactly what I imagined, and more!