Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookie Lookie!!!!!

I'm so excited about this design I seriously squealed with joy when I pulled it out of the tumbler and saw the final result!

I've had this design in my sketch book for over 2 Years!! There were many reasons why it took me this long to create, but I have to say it was sooooo worth the wait!

I will have it featured in my new shop later tonight and it will make it into my etsy shop later this week.

The heart is hand formed then stamped and I have hand set little gem stones just at the bottom. It's shiny and sentimental, and just gorgeous!

Don't forget the photo contest and if you love this design too take advantage of the 15% off sale by entering "happyday" when you check out in the new online shop!!

(recipes will be posted later tonight my computer is really acting up today!)