Sunday, February 20, 2011

newbies in the shop :)

I was able to snag a few moments this weekend to post of few more new designs up in my Shop.

These aren't available in my etsy shop right now only HERE

Eclectic Gems (above)

Rustic Monogram

Vintage letters (new font!!!)

Eclectic Moon Mini version

Blessed Love

There are more in the SHOP but I didn't want to overload blogger with photos ;)
Hop on over and check them all out.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Jennifer (mom of four) said...

I love all your new design Canella!!

I was just checking to see about your Christmas giveaway's. I was the winner on day 1. I did get the cute handmade nativity but did not get the beautiful monogram letter necklace. Just wanted to let you know. Jennifer

Tracy Rogers said...

pretty pretty pretty stuff!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Gabrielle said...
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Jenny and Kaylie said...

i love number 2 and 4! beautiful!!