Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Does anyone know a Mike that loves GOD and would wear a necklace?

I had a custom request for a men's necklace. It came out beautifully. I was very happy with it. I went to double check the order and print the shipping label, and realized I used the wrong font.

So now I have this pendant

If anyone knows a Mike that would love this Let me know, I would like to offer it out for the cost of the chain and shipping, $10. I would hate to melt it down to recycle the silver.



Beth said...

I do!!! My friend's brother, Mike, is going to be a Methodist minister!!! How perfect for his ordination/ commissioning.
Contact me at if the offer still stands. Thanks!

Katy and Landon said...

Hi - just wanted to say that I've seen your beautiful things on Etsy and have fallen in love. The only problem now is picking what I want (and even that seems so much easier than picking out something for a friend/family member!) I think I may wait until Baby Boy #2 is born in June (when we know what his name is for sure) and get myself a little necklace with my two little guy's names on it!

Oliver's said...

Just found your blog love your jewelry. I was wondering if you could do a custom order for me and how much it would cost. I love the smooth silver eternity bad necklace with the round piece that hangs down at the top. Could you put "Never Say Goodbye" around the eternity band and est. 1989 on the circle? I am celebrating my 20yr. anniversary this year and yes....that was our song. Please let me know if this is possible as my anniversary is 4-21. Thanks and you do great work! Paula

Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Miss ya! Everything ok, or just swamped?