Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday News! :O)

~I plan to re-open tonight! Some time late this evening I will open my shop again. Some of the new items wont make it in until Thursday so keep on coming back.

~ To celebrate my re opening I will have a giveaway starting this evening! It's going to be a big one you wont want to miss out!!!!!!

~ I have my volunteers for today, but I will need more a bit later so keep checking back in today :O)

Happy Monday!!


TUTU Monkey said...

ooooooo can't wait!!

The Deming Four said...

welcome back!!!!

Havefaith said...

I love them all.............anxious to be your winner.......... Beautiful Art!!!! Faith

MAntoinette said...

Looks like your vacation was fabulous! I love your family ID bracelet and several of your necklaces. I gave one of your necklaces to my daughter for her b-day, love to have one of my own ;)

MAntoinette said...

Oh, forgot to mention, I put your link on my family blog!

MAntoinette said...
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