Friday, July 23, 2010

and we're off....

We're off again! I'm packing up the kids bags today and cleaning house to get ready for our trip to Tulsa to visit with my family :)

(books I'm hoping to finish reading on the remainder of my vacation)

I was able to fix my DSLR camera myself (YAAAAY) so you can expect lots of pictures!
Did I mention it was broken? I pulled it out of my camera bag/purse some time back to find several Hershey's kisses stuck to the display screen and buttons. Keeping my temper in check so I didn't have a mommy tantrum, I calmly asked if anyone knew how kisses ended up in my purse, to which my 4 year old proudly announced she put them in there so I could have her kisses with me all the time...melt my heart how could I be upset with that??!!!

It took a very long time sitting with t little needle to get all the chocolate cleaned out of each button but I did it!

On a business note, We will reopen on August 5th so mark your calendars! I have several new designs to debut including this sweet little bird who is currently perched on my neck.

She pairs beautifully with the Psalm 84:3 necklace.

I also will re-open with a BIG giveaway over on Design mom's blog, plus a fun contest on my blog!!

For now it's back to packing diapers and swim suites for our trip, then maybe head out for a little afternoon treat of iced coffee at Starbucks on my way to mail out the last of the repairs and alterations that were sent back to me in July. (oh and your beanies Tracy :)

Have a fabulous weekend!!




Laura said...

Loving the little bird necklace! I am looking forward to your re-opening so I can finally order something. I have been putting it off since I found your shop looking for something for my mom for mother's day. My birthday is coming up though... Yay!!

The Danenhauer's said...

That bird necklace is simply sweet, I love it! Enjoy your vacation :)

Tracy Rogers said...

"squeeee" thank u Canela! Your new bird necklace is perfect with the scripture necklace!!! Come home safely :)