Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Huge Welcome!!!

I'm so very excited to welcome Stacy on board as my new email assistant!! Stacy is my sister in law. She's a sweet, down to earth, super smart, crafty gal.
She saw my post from last week, and called me to say she was looking for something to do at home to earn a bit of extra money. A match made in Heaven!!

I'm starting her out slow with thank you and confirmation emails and renewing listings to make sure the inventory stays stocked, but she is one smart cookie and will be taking over most of the emails this month!!

Give her a warm welcome!

We took this photo over the summer in Colorado. This is most of my family, my parents, my older sister and brother, their honeys and all their children, my little sister, my honey and all our kiddies. My oldest sister wasn't able to make it out this summer.

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Gabrielle said...
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airforcemommy said...

Your jewelry is absolutely stunning! :)

Denna O'Connell said...

I placed an order on January 4, 2013 for three personalized silver rings. I neglected to include the size so I thought someone would get back to me. My PayPal account (meaning my checking account) was charged $59.00 but so far I have no confirmation from your company. I would like all three rings in size 6. Please email me if you have a problem with the order; I am anxious to get the product as each one is to have the name of my Grandchildren.

Albert Prime said...

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