Thursday, October 16, 2008

Four more Posts to go till the BIG 100th Giveaway!!!

Was that Christmas music I heard? (quick go turn your speakers on!)

Yep It's Christmas Music! A little hint about the giveaway! It's taking on a life of it's own!! I have five confirmed guests with goodies for you, and more to come!!! Are you intrigued? You know you are :o). So that is all I will say today...You don't have much longer to wait!

So back to normal life. The Tuesday show went well. Thank you again Ane for inviting me to participate. Ane was such a wonderful hostess! Her home was gorgeous with lots of cute Halloween decor. She put out an amazing spread from my very favorite sandwich shop/ bakery. I met lots of lovely ladies, and had the yummiest pasta salad.

On the home front Late September through Christmas is always a crazy time in our house hold! Our three oldest have birthday each about two weeks apart. Throw in the inevitable illnesses that find their way home from school, and then our anniversary, hubby's birthday and then holidays; it is non stop until January! Busy Busy but Happy times!

Here are some photo highlights from Thomas and Gabriel's birthdays...

A surprise birthday visitor

My Big 6 year old boy!
Thomas was very specific about how he wanted his birthday cake to look. He even drew a picture for me to work from :o)
My very energetic 5 year old!
Thank you Grandma and Papa!!!!!

Gabriel Decorated his own cake :o)

Kaiya is next up the big 10! Yikes where do the years go?


Debbie said...

He is really a cute little guy!

Rosebud Collection said...

What beautiful pictures..I love to see children..I like that cake and boy, did he have a good design..