Monday, October 6, 2008

More new designs!

Well the tummy bug is making it's way through almost all the kids so posts will be sporadic until it passes.

However my 100th post is approaching fast! I am thinking of ways to celebrate! You can expect a BIG giveaway!

On other notes. Lots of packages went out last week!! Another batch will be heading out tomorrow. :o)

In between finishing customs I have made a few more new pieces.

I Love vintage crown images! I made this one from fine silver and set three CZs for extra sparkle! This one will be in my shop at the end of the week when I am done with all my customs that were ordered up through the weekend.
This was a fun little treat for Dana of Old Red Barn.
This piece I am sooooo happy with !!! I know she doesn't look like much in the picture but...
My dream and goal in my jewelry making has been to learn silversmithing thoroughly. Having been pregnant for the past 6 years I haven't been able to pursue that until now.
Thanks to etsy sales I have been able to acquire more of the tools I need to continue on this journey! THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers for helping me achieve one step in my dream!!!!!!
I plan to keep this pendant to remember my first torch soldered pendant (sort of like framing your first dollar only way prettier!)
Once I solder the chain to it I will be offering to recreate it in my shop.
Off for a busy day
Have a lovely Monday!


Art Of The Craft Studios said...

I LOVE THEM Canela!!! Hey I just learned how to work with PMC too! So I have SO much more respect for your stuff girlie! I thought I knew how it would go but turns out I hadn't had a clue!SO You totally amaze me!!! Much success on your new stuff!


Cathe Holden said...

That crown rocks!! Your work is lovely.

Dana said...

I must know more about your new designs featured here!!!! First, I LOVE the owl and can't wait to see it in person. Second, what is the crown . . . a pendant? Finally, how much will the hand soldered circle with heart pendant be? :)

Sandi Hixson said...

have you ever made a picture frame pendant? i have been trying to find one, with no luck.....
your new stuff is fantabulous!

Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Go girl! These are great!
Prayers for the kiddos!

Laurin R. Kelly said...

This is beautiful!! Just lovely!!

Kristen said...

yay for you!!!!! it is gorgeous...I am amazed at how you continue to grow and stretch yourself creatively...well done my dear ;)

I wear my necklace has become my talisman....

thank you

Heidi Zawisza said...

Canela, you are soooo talented. I love the way you create and make things unique. I love the crown!!