Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I need a little help

In my rush to mail out Christmas orders I didn't get a chance to photograph most of the new designs I made as customs.

I have a few new Mother's pieces I'd like to make and list but I need some Guinea pigs, Oh I mean volunteers ;o)

If you would like a necklace or bracelet for close to cost please e-mail me.
Fabrication time will be 4 weeks. All materials will be sterling silver , fine silver, or gold filled

I'm looking for...
~Someone with four family members to put on a charm, or two kids and their b-days ($24)
~Someone who would like a charm bracelet with three charms, a mix of boys and girls, or all girls. Can be names and b-days ($25)
~Someone looking for a necklace to accommodate up to 10 names (depending on length) Moms or grandmas ($22)
~Someone who likes hearts, with three names or words ($18) for short necklace ($20) for a long necklace
~Someone who likes bangle bracelets with three or more names ($27 for 3)

There will be more to come but this is all I can commit to right now Please e-mail me at jewelrybycanela@yahoo.com and put blog jewelry in the title so I don't accidentally delete it.

You can browse through my blog for work samples or peek into my ESTY shop if you are a 1st time visitor

Can't wait to make something pretty for someone!!


Anonymous said...

You bet! I found you on Etsy with your circle necklaces.... I love the chain you use with them and how it's hung on both sides! AWESOME!

How about mine and my husbands names & our wedding date?

Darren, Judi, March 20, 2004

(I have four kids so the three wouldn't work out but the above would).

Let me know and I'll be your experimental subject!

Holly said...

I'm sending you an email...I have been dying for a heart necklace for a long time now! I am also a photographer and would love to take some pictures of it for you :)

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Mrs Plumtickled send me an e-mail jewelrybycanela@yahoo.com so we can talk

Holly I got your e-mail I'll send you one tonight.

Thanks gals! Theres still room for more!