Friday, February 6, 2009


Our oldest is a wonderful student. She is in her finial year of elementary school. She is earning straight A's and is in G.A.T.E. She loves to read and is reading at an almost 8th grade level.

She does great except when she procrastinates.

She informed me on Wednesday that she had to make a 3D model of the Governor's Palace in Virginia. It needed to be detailed and include the surrounding landscape and it was due on Friday!!! Grrrr. Daddy (being a teacher) makes her do it all by herself when she waits till the last minuet. I helped tape the sides and roof together but she has done the rest.

However Murphy's law reigns true. She was up Thursday night gluing trees and pasting windows, when she went running for the bathroom....looks like the flu founds it's way home with her.

Maybe she will have learned her lesson and not wait till two days before to try and frantically finish a project.

This is what we had on Wednesday night. I'll post the final when she is back up on her feet.

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