Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blissfest 2009!!!!

What a fun weekend!

Kristin and Dan Hubby and wife team and owners of Domestic Bliss just out did themselves! Friday Night's JDRF benefit event was a blast.

Eclectic cowgirls partied it up with live music, a fashion show, a silent auction, and lovely vendors with fantastic eye candy!

A couple of pictures of my set up

I'm sure I say this a couple times a month, but this is my new favorite piece! I was kind of sad to see it sell. I'll just have to make another for me :O) This one will be in my shop soon!

Something you don't see in my etsy shop! I love gem stones and natural rustic jewelry. I have many beaded gem stone necklaces that I sell locally and at shows.

Saturday's street fair was just as fun! So many wonderful people stopped in to day hello!
I was thrilled when I saw who my neighbors for the day were!

I LOVE fabric!!! I don't sew. I don't really like to sew clothing just not my thing, but I love fabric just the same! Heather's fabrics are so full of Life and Joy. I love her combination of colors and texture in her patterns.
I was super busy Saturday so I didn't really get much time to chat with her, but I did meet her hubby during set up the night before. What a sweet heart! He was so busy getting her gorgeous displays up and he still took the time to help Deb of Breathing beside us, fix her tent which broke as she was getting it up, and he helped me get my "not so EZ up" opened. Then he stayed up all night to finish setting up for his Honey. What a great hubby!

My Neighbor on the other side was the blogging lounge where Stephanie and Christian of the Nie Nie Dialogues greeted people all morning.
It was such a pleasure to meet Stephanie in person! She just radiates beauty! She was so modest, sweet, genuine, and down to earth. Stephanie is was such an honor!

Kristin, Stephanie, and Christian Friday night.

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Crystal Elizabeth said...

Oh, this looks like it was so much fun!!! ^_^