Friday, November 20, 2009

A little Tea and Sympathy.....and a winner!

I'm so glad I did this giveaway!

I have to confess, I had a bit of a pity party yesterday.

I was wallowing in self pity...

~The baby is pretty sick with croup, and we ended up in urgent care

~I managed to catch it, or something else so I feel awful

~I'm so behind on messages!

~The house is a wreck...and on and on

I ticked off the list feeling worse and worse.

I logged on to the computer to see how many more messages I needed to get to before taking the baby back in to urgent care, I stopped by my blog really quick to pick the winner...and I read a few comments.

It brightened my day sooo much!!!!
I got over my pity party, put on my big girl pants, took some Day Quill, and had a nice cup of tea. Then instead of answering e-mails I went and cuddled my baby who needed to be comforted by his momma.
So I'm still behind on e-mails, the house is still a wreck, I'm still pretty sick, and the baby is still fighting a bad case of croup, but we had some good cuddle time in the rocker it good!
Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment! I loved reading each one. I wish I could afford to give away 53 necklaces to each of you!
The winner chosen by is Amanda who said...

I am thankful for my family: my husband and my two boys
E-mail me Amanda...I can't access your blog to let you know!

I have a Fun new set of custom stamps due in next week!!! Come back and check them out soon :O)

Happy Friday!
PS I promise I'm getting to messages as fast as I can! I even caved in and bought a phone with a web browser so I can access my convos when I'm out picking up kids and running errands.


~Q~ said...

Hope you and the baby feel better soon, Canela!!

Scrapjoy said...

Yes Canela, your idea was great - I love being thankful and reading all the smiles because you know everyone was smiling when they typed them! Take care!!!! :)

Scrapjoy said...

Ok Canela I have to say we may be soul sisters! I have sat here for hours listening to your tracks all the way to 50 and only skipped 1 song - that is amazing. What an awesome playlist. Thank you for this - I needed some seriously good tunes tonight! Take care. :)