Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March....

March is by Far my favorite month...and not because it's my birthday month (really ;)

Living in Southern California, March has perfect weather. Even though Spring officially starts on March 20th, all of March has spring weather. 70+ with crisp breezes bringing the scent of wild flowers and orange blossoms. Our veggie garden starts showing signs of new life, promising summer yumminess.
I love to head out back bare foot and soak in the warmth and listen to the squeals of laughter from the kids.

Spring is full of promise, new life, and simplicity.

What is your favorite Month or Season?

This picture has nothing to do with spring or March, I just thought it was too cute. I snapped while cleaning house yesterday. We hear UH OH with Nathaniel alot these day....

Happy March!



Christa said...

My new favorite month used to be June because I thought the weather was always perfect in NY but now I think I like January just a little more because not only is it my birthday on the 29th but my son was born on the 30th of!! But Summer will always be my favorite season!

The Deming Four said...

I like the spring too - but our's gets started later in Texas (about April/May) it is beautiful!

Maria João ♥ said...

Hello from Portugal :o)

I love your beautiful blog! You have an amazing talent and a lot of beautiful works!
Have a nice week!


Tracy Rogers said...

More and more, fate tells me we are long lost sisters ;)
March is the best! I love planting spring flowers, spring cleaning (the one and only time I really enjoy cleaning) and the weather. My moods are best in springtime, as long as allergies don't take over, lol!