Sunday, February 28, 2010

Company and new earrings!

We have company coming over this afternoon, so I'm cooking up a storm and cleaning like a mad woman this morning. LOVE cooking but HATE cleaning! Is there anyone out there that just loves to clean?
Between the meats roasting and the sent of the caramelized sugar for the flan, the house smells divine!
The kiddies are all out at Catechism classes (Sunday school) and Rob is at the parent meeting for Thomas who is preparing to receive his First Holy Communion this May!

After our company departs and I clean up, I'll be listing these little cutties in my shop.

Too perfect for Saint Patricks day!!! I wont have enough time to make a second pair like these before March 17th !

I love how simple these little clear quarts ones are, perfect to match anything, simple enough to wear everyday, but enough sparkle and shine to compliment any little black dress!
With spring around the corner I couldn't resist a yellow pair!
I'm thinking about oxidizing these to make the hearts stand out more....

Just can't resist blue! LOVE the crystal clear color of these stones.

So what are you up to this Sunday?


Tracy Rogers said...

Congratulations Thomas!!! YAY!
I only like spring cleaning, but really dislike day to day cleaning (dishes, laundry, etc.) BUT I do love to cook! Knowing the smell of your cooking, I bet whatever you made was outstanding!!!


Courtney said...

You are killing me with these new gems. I "need" my fix everyday to see what you make, and dangly earrings are my new favorite thing. :-) Well done. I'm addicted.