Friday, February 19, 2010

Things I don't love in Feb...


We have had one or more earthquakes a day here more a week and a half straight. Curious to find the magnitude of them I found this site... Earthquake Date Center It's pretty cool it shows all the recent earthquakes, their magnitude, origin and depth. The not so cool part is all these recent earthquakes we have felt are centered about 3 miles from our home! that Big red dot on the map above is my town. We just had another as I am typing.
It's been a reminder to update our disaster plan with the kids and get a decent earthquake kit put together.
What natural disaster is your home town prone to. Do you have a family plan?
I'd love to hear. Maybe you have some idea that could help others...or us :O)


Jennifer Miller said...

Earthquakes also, I live in Ventura county only about 15 minuets from Northridge and we were hit bad back in 94 quake. It did about 120,000$ worth of damage to my fathers business. Earthquakes are just down right scary, once they start you have no idea how strong or long it will be. We dont really have a family plan but my husband works for the water district so if anything happens he would be on call from the second after.

Plus side, at least with quakes all your stuff just falls down, its not blown all over 3 counties.

Allison said...

Holy cow! I'm afraid of earthquakes LOL. For us...Um Monsoons, flooding that's about it!

Can't wait to see your pictures - love Blue Lily!

alex said...

I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area and now live near Long Beach, so earthquakes have always been part of my life. I was taught that the little quakes are good to relieve pressure on the faults and help prevent a big quake. So when I see that map covered in little quakes, I feel a little bit relieved.

I will still take earthquakes over hurricanes or tornadoes! :-)