Monday, February 8, 2010

Today I love... the unexpected (28 things I love in Feb.)

On any other day that wouldn't be true. I really don't like the when things don't go the way I was planning. I had grand ambitious plans today! My work list looked something like this...

~Answer convos
~Print out orders
~get 10 orders done during nap time
~print postage
~snap photos of new designs
~get 5 new listings posted
~go to post office
~get another 15 orders done after bed time

I turned on the computer after laying the baby down for his nap, it CRASHED, it just shut off and was no more. No power, no Internet, no order info, no photos!!!
It's been acting up lately but nothing like this. I looked at my to do list and thought about crying.
But instead I put on my big girl pants, walked away knowing there was nothing to be done.

So unexpectedly my list turned into this...
~clean work bench while kids nap
~make valentines with the kids
~plant the veggie garden with the kids
~read Dawn of the Dinosaurs with Alexander
~crawl around the living room pretending to be a t-Rex chasing the kids
~cook dinner with Meggie

It was a blissful afternoon :O)

Hubby is working on the computer, he's hoping to have it up and running by tomorrow. We don't think we lost any info from out hard drive. HOPING!!!

How did you spend your Monday?

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Allison said...

As long as you get your computer back with no damage it sounds like a perfectly amazing afternoon! Kind of like a snow day in California - you couldn't go to work ;)