Monday, February 22, 2010

Today I love...My kiddies!!!!!....28 things I love in Feb

I have the most amazing kids! (I know you do too but it's my blog to I get to brag ;)

Meet the 6 beautiful little people that have blessed my life beyond measure...

In order from left to right top row...

Thomas is such a gentle affectionate little man. He is compassionate and inquisitive. He is always looking to see how things go together, what make them work and inventing things.

Alexander is a sweet sweet happy little boy. So quite he loves to observe everything. He loves to read adventure stories and then make up adventures of his own.

Gabriel is lively! A bundle of non stop energy. He is artistic and love to make special picture and notes "just to make you smile" He wants to make everyone in the world happy He is so full of joy and life.

Kaiya is becoming such a young lady. She is smart as a whip and compassionate for both people and God's creatures. She aspires to be a Marine Biologist so she can discover and study unknown creatures and discover ways to clean the ocean environment and use it as a renewable resource. She is motivated and sweet and loving!

Nathaniel (bottom left) Don't you just want to know what he is thinking in that photo! Nathaniel is my little honey. So affectionate and sweet and growing by leaps and bound each day.

Megan! Megan is so spunky and sweet. Full of life and love. She loves to cook with me and when we're not cooking she gets out her play dishes and invents recipes. She picks wild flowers for everyone, and has been known to give up her last cookie to someone.

Those amazing photos of my beautiful children were taken by Wendy of Blue Lily. Wendy was Wonderful to work with!! Her Birthday is fast approaching and to celebrate she is giving away goodies! This week she is offering up one of my Capture life necklaces. Click on her name above and check out her amazing blog wish her a happy birthday and enter to win!


Whimsical Creations said...

Your kids are adorable!

Allison said...

Oh how sweet your family is! I love how it looks like they all have different personalities. You are beautiful!

Scrapjoy said...

Canela - what a beautiful family! Thanks so much for sharing their smiling faces with us!! :)