Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun with Gem stones!

Most of my stones have come in and I've been like a kid let loose in a candy shop!

I'm hoping to get a free hour tonight to list all these new beauties! So keep an eye out!

The little heart and star charm are hand made by me. I don't get too much free time to create them. They require lots of sanding and filing and polishing, so they will be a very limited edition in my shop

I love the mix of the oxidized pieces with the little gemstone drops, rustic and beautiful!

Red and Purple as requested!

Modern and sleek

Isn't this stone just delicious!!! I only have a few of them. They are large stones and just seem to glow. This necklace will be the first to be listed tonight!
I had to save one stone for myself but I haven't had time to make something with mine yet. I'll post pictures when I do.

More to come soon! My Turquoise is on it's way! GORGEOUS Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise come from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in AZ. It is super high quality not heat treated for color. Natural and perfect!

Happy Wednesday!!!!


Scrapjoy said...

Oh my goodness Canela -- I love them all!! That heart & star is a keeper for sure. My b-day is coming up so I might get a chance to select something from your shop - YEAH!!! :)

Brian and Ruth said...

Love the red and purple! But I have to tell you that turquoise snowdrop or whatever you call it is to die for :-)

Michelle said...

Is the star charm "stampable"? Like with a date perhaps? I've been looking for something like that and would be very interested...
Thanks Canela!!!!!!

Tracy Rogers said...

I am sooo jealous of your gemstones! They are gorgeous!!!


chinamommy said...

LOVE all your new goodies!!!!!