Thursday, February 4, 2010

A month of love...

When I visited my friend Allison's blog yesterday I saw that she is taking part in "28 things I love in February"

It's a flicker group. I'm not part of the flicker group (haven't figured flicker out yet!) But I love the concept so I'm joining in on my blog here :O)

Today it's

Yummy homemade Chicken tortilla soup and diet coke!

What do you love today? Share here or on your blog! Then stop back by tomorrow too! Don't forget to stop by Allison's blog, her photos are GORGEOUS!



Jennifer said...

I love that my husband is picking up my daughter from school today. Yeah for not having to brave the after school craziness!

Diane said...

I love that my baby just went to sleep all by himself without any crying! It's a first!!

That soup looks great. I've been looking for a good chicken tortilla soup recipe. You should post the recipe! :)

Whimsical Creations said...

That soup looks delicious! I also have been looking for a good Chicken Tortilla husband LOVES it. Can you share the recipe? I would love to make it for him for Valentine's Day.

=D Melanie