Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too Perfect!!!!

I was just thinking to myself today I really need to have my camera on hand more often. I'm always missing out on perfect Kodak moments.
Part of the problem is I have a basic black nylon bag with no shoulder strap, just doesn't work when you have many little ones to keep in check, and the other part of the problem is when I am hustling 6 kids out the door with moments to spare, I just forget it!

I found the perfect solution today... How freakin' cute is this bag!

It's a camera bag designed with women in mind to combine the camera bag with a purse! It's padded to protect your camera and lenses and has extra pockets for your phone, wallet, gold fish crackers, and transformers (Isn't that what every mom has in her purse?)

31 is fast approaching and This is what I am getting for my birthday this year!!!!!!

But if you don't have an excuse to splurge a little(yes $79 is a splurge in my book) then head over to Design mom and enter for a chance to win, she is giving away 2!!!!!!!!!

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