Wednesday, June 9, 2010


That feels like my mantra these days! I feel like the little engine that could....almost done almost done almost done....

We had such a huge surge in orders in May, a month where Murphy's Law seemed to lurk around every corner, so our normal wait time of 2-3 weeks turned into 3-5 weeks.

The good news is my assistant and wonderful friend Monica has really gotten the hang of things and business is running much more smoothly.

After copious amounts of coffee and diet coke and a few all nighters (literally, I can't remember the last time I saw so many 5 am sunrises) I am on the verge of being all caught up and able to breath, and just in time, as tomorrow is the last day of School for the kiddies, but not my hubby he still has another week.

I finally got one new listing posted! You can see it here it is just perfect for summer!

I just love the stone on this one...Gorgeous!!!

So that all said...there is a big giveaway over on The Bright Side Project starting tomorrow for a gift card to my shop, and another big giveaway next week over on MADE.

Once those are both done I will be closing for a full month to spend a much needed break with the kids, playing in the sprinkler, and eating watermelon and tending to our veggie garden.

What are your summer plans?


Allison said...

Ok I think this is my new fav! I love, love, love it! Too bad my birthday isn't until September :( We're going on a cruise to Mexico this summer along with a couple trips to Southern California to visit family!

Troy said...

Hi Canela. I love the new keychain, especially in light of our up coming return to So. Cal. I also love the "peace" necklace. I can't wait to show it to Madison tomorrow - she will love it. Can't wait to see you guys when we get back!