Friday, June 11, 2010

This made my day!!

I received a sweet thank you note from a customer that included a hand made card from her little girl...melt my heart! Thank you Shannon and sweet miss J! :)

One of my new stamps arrived today!! I have a thing for winged hearts. They are so whimsical and dreamy! I hand drew this sweet little heart. She will be up in my shop late tonight.

What word would you stamp on it?

A pretty new pair of earrings. I have over 100 pairs that I've made...when I close in July I plan to snap tons of photos, so when I re open in August you will be sure to find new pretties a plenty!

What has made your day special today?




Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

well i have had a super super hard day with my newborn and 2 year old. what made my day special ( which if you ask me three hours ago NOTHING was special ...haha ) was my mother in law coming over and picking up my 2 year old to go play. She really needed to get out of the house !:)

m,r, and b said...

I really love those earrings. Can't wait to see them in your shop. They would love to have me for an owner! :)

Brian and Ruth said...

My day was made special by the family and friends who gathered with us to celebrate the High School graduation of our oldest son Dalton! It was a spectacular day and the sun even made it's grand appearance for the entire day (we've had rain for like forever!)