Monday, April 11, 2011

Back Home and a new design!

I'm back home from the Creative Estates conference. Tracy and I took a road trip to Arizona to attend.
It was a wonderful weekend. Lots of great tips and information were shared.

It was SO wonderful to meet some lovely ladies in person that I've "known" online for ages, and it was so much fun to meet so many new talented ladies. Tracy and I had some fun adventures on the drive.

But, as with any trip my favorite moment was walking back in the front door of my home and being tackled by 6 pairs of little arms and a smiling hubby.

Today it's back to normal life.

I'll spend the next 2 days catching up on emails and convos. There were major Internet problems at the venue so I wasn't able to get online while I was away. I know there are many of you waiting to hear back, answers are coming!!


I posted this new design last week before I left.

My new set of stamps are adorable!!!!

The whimsical sewing machine is perfect for all those crafty moms out there. My hand written "I sew love you" stamp can be added on or left off.

and because your little ones are cute as a button 2 new button stamps :)
You can find it HERE in my shop

I also have a fun new line coming out this weekend! I'm looking for a mom of a newborn or young baby with hand and footprints.

These pieces will be so unique and special I can't wait to share them.

I need one volunteer for this!!!! email me at the contact info at the top of my blog :)


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