Wednesday, April 13, 2011

catching up

Some days, weeks or even months life feels like a big game of catch up. I'm happy to say I'm finally feeling a little more caught up on life.

Rob had a chance to hang to of my shelving sets in my work space. thanks babe!!

They look amazing against my "ice cube" walls all loaded up with vintage spice bottles full of vibrant gem stones.

I'm still looking for the perfect set of bookshelves to house my order books, and workshop handbooks but I must say my space is coming together nicely :)
In between Mother's day orders I'm prepping for the next Queen Bee Market. Have you marked your calendar yet? It's May 6th and 7th and it's going to be HUGE!!! Hop in your car, charter a jet, plan girls road trip and come check it out!!!!
Just a reminder the MOMLOVE coupon is still good for 10% off & April 22nd is the last day to order for Mother's Day! Be sure to tell your hubby, every year it never fails I get a hubby who waited too long to order and then begs, cries, or pleads for me to take just one more order.

I'm a sucker and can't say no, but this year my hubby will be handling convos and customer service as we get closer to mother's day, and he's not afraid to say no ;)


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Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Oh Cannella, I LOVE your shelves with the bottles of gemstones. How beautiful and inspiring! It's not a wonder your jewelry turns out so beautifully! Just look at the canvas you're painting from!

Love it all my dear!

Tracy Rogers said...

Your gemstones look good enough to eat!! xo

indieinventions said...

I emailed you back and I still have not recieved a response.

JoAnna said...

That's a BEAUTIFUL initial necklace - off to check out your Etsy shop, it's been too long!