Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sale code update and I'm off to Creative Estates!

I made an error entering the sale code into my shop system but It's all fixed now! Use code MOMLOVE in either my etsy shop or my bigcartel shop and receive 10% off of your entire order! Maybe something like this...

My stacking rings, BY FAR my best seller

My Open Heart Bracelet, one of my best sellers last Year!

or this.... my current FAVORITE bracelet. It hasn't left my wrist since I made it!

I'm a busy busy gal today! I'm heading out to AZ tomorrow To attend Creative Estates. My sweet Friend Tracy and I are driving out tomorrow morning. Girls Road trip!!!

So today I am official 1 1/2 weeks ahead on orders!!! I can't remember the last time i was ahead of schedule, it's such a nice feeling.

I am catching up on the last of my emails and convos that I have been so behind on.

I am cleaning the house, and prepping meals for Rob and the kids.

and still trying to figure out what to wear this weekend, especially after I got a big hole in my Favorite pair of jeans this morning :(

Shopping with 6 kids in tow isn't my idea of fun so I'll have to get creative with what I have in my closet.

what to wear what to wear!!!

Do you have a favorite go to outfit for special events?


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