Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Summer Adventure part 2

This was by far one of my favorite stops on the trip. I'm a big geology buff. I love rock formations and geological history. I'm just nerdy like that. :)

The Craters of the Moon National Monument is an expansive area of old lava flow and cinder cones. Speckled through out the black and reddish landscape are the most beautiful and delicate wildflowers.

We hiked to the top of one of the larger cinder cones and took in the view of the whole valley.

The kids liked the trip down the cinder cone much better than the climb up!

All of our National Parks have a Junior Ranger program. The kids loved each program. Once they completed their workbooks they were sworn in as official Junior Rangers and received badges.

Next I'll share about the Grand Tetons.

Happy Saturday!

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