Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something new!

A new spin on my classic and original Capture Life Necklace !

I have hand set a little natural gem stone into the flash for a little spark of color and whimsy :)

You can choose your birthstone or favorite color!

January Garnet

February Amethyst

March Aquamarine

April... sorry not a diamond ;) White Topaz

May Emerald

June Moonstone

July Ruby

August Peridot

September Sapphire

October Pink Tourmaline

November Citrine

December London Blue topaz (I have turquoise too!)

Once I have all my little monkies in bed tonight I will have these available in the shops!

Also I just might have to give one away soon so you might want to check back... Just sayin' ;)

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1 comment:

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Canela, these are really cute! Perfect for a first-time mom or grandma!