Friday, June 12, 2009

Priddycreations Giveaway!!!!

When I first saw Amy's fabulous Camera Straps on a blog somewhere out there, I was smitten!

I knew when I had finally saved enough to purchase my DSLR Camera I would have to accessorize it with one. Now I'm drooling over her adorable camera bags....

Hmmm maybe some day I'll have to get one!

Amy is a WAHM to three beautiful school age children, married to her very best friend who is her biggest supporter and fan and a lover of anything crafty! :) Her hobbies include beading, sewing, scrapbooking, graphic design, photography and thrift shopping.

She has a wonderful etsy shop that you can see HERE

You can check out all the goodies she has to offer HERE on her Website or HERE on ebay!!!!

So how can you win one of these fantastic camera straps? Just head over to one of her selling sites and look around, then come back here and tell me what your favorite item is.

You can earn an extra entry by following my blog.

You can earn another extra entry by adding Amy to your favorites in Etsy.

Just be sure to tell me in your comment that you started following my blog or that you added Amy to your favorites.

That's up to three chances to win!

The other info....the giveaway will run through Wednesday and the winner will be announced on Thursday 06-18-09 and she/he will be able to choose from any of single fabric or reversible straps (not including minky).

Good luck!!!
Canela................Thank's Amy!


Jenny said...

Hi, just ordered a necklace from you on Etsy and found your blog. Love your stuff. Want to enter to win the camera strap. I am now a "follower" plus I added priddycreations to my seller favorites on Etsy. My favorite item of hers is definitely the camera bag. I would love to have one of those. A strap would definitely be nice too! Thanks, Jenny

Allison said...

Of course I follow you! I also love Priddycreations etsy shop, this was the first time I've been there! I love the camera bags, and straps. My favorite straps are the zebra, the Amy Butler Gray Floral, and the avacado green damask! And she is most definitely added to my favorites.


Constellation Photography said...

I adore Amy and all of her stuff is amazing! I would love to be entered to win a new strap. I am following you now, I hearted Amy, and my favorite item in her shop is probably the new Mezzanine bag.

Lindsey Rathmann said...

I am following your blog! I also order from you frequently! I love the camera straps with the added lens cap pocket! I can change my strap to match my outfits! :)

PS- I sent you an Etsy convo yesterday!


Missy said...

I love your stuff, and PriddyCreations too! I already own one of her removable straps, but would LOVE the Removable Amy Butler Gray Floral strap! I am following you as well! Thank you for a great giveaway!

Christina said...

As a photographer, looking at her website is like a visual candy store! I could use just about every single item she sells. I especially love the lens cozie sac in carnival bloom. I have two expensive lenses that need a nice bag to be kept in!

Christina said...

I am a follower of your blog!

Christina said...

I also just added her shop to my etsy favorites. My etsy name is crazyforjp

Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

WOWEE! I am in love with her shop! I have never really looked at anything on etsy before so that was a great first trip! I love her Boutique GingerBlossom Market Tote!!! my blog is private but you are a viewer of it!

Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

for another entry, I follow your blog!

JC said...

I love the Park Slope Navy Teal Green Tote Bag Purse!

itsonlyjc AT hotmail DOT com

Helz said...

Absolutely Adore Amy's Gear !!! But as for a Favourite... Way Too Hard a Decision... Lol Would have to have both you see...&&& A Follower.

CUSTOM SET Damask Green and White Camera Lens Cozy Sac and Removable Camera Strap Slipcover
Birdie Damask Earth Custom Removeable SLR Digital Camera Strap Slipcover and Lens Cozy SET

chinamommy said...

i am one of your followers! LOVE your goodies and your blog too! i'm an etsy mom also (chinamommy).

Adri said...

Ooo I just love this giveaway! I love her Chocolate Damask camera strap cover. I also added priddycreations to my favs on Etsy and started following your blog too :)


mishelleyb said...

i want my 3 chances to win, please! first, i love your stuff. you are my favorite jewelry designer on etsy.
i just began following your blog (google reader :). and, i added priddycreations as one of my favorites as soon as i saw her creations.
although i love to take pics, i am actually entering the contest for my incredible daughter. she is so very talented! evidence:
her vision makes me teary all the time. we whined and struggled to by her canon rebel for christmas but that's all she wanted....asked for 2 years.
after seeing what she's done with it, we would pay more for the realization of this talent and love.
she would love the modblooms, amy butler gray floral or Floral Lotus Two Sided. how great are her lens cap pouches?!
wow! it was hard for me to narrow it down :)
thanks for all you do.

Betty said...

My favorite item is the Damask Black and White Camera Lens Cozy Sac and Removable Camera Strap Slipcover Set. Her totes are also adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

bmcgregor72 AT hotmail DOT com

Betty said...

I added Amy's store as a favorite. Thanks!

bmcgregor72 AT hotmail DOT com

Betty said...

I follow your blog! Thanks!

bmcgregor72 AT hotmail DOT com

Laura said...

My favorite is the M2MG Tropical Garden Fish Tote Bag. Thank you for the opportunity.

mcgregor_laura (at) hotmail (dot) com

Laura said...

I'm a follower. Thanks again.

mcgregor_laura (at) hotmail (dot) com

Laura said...

I added Priddy Creations to my favorites. Thanks!

mcgregor_laura (at) hotmail (dot) com

Chantie said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and priddycreations--how fun! I love the pink passion damask lens cozy and strap. Also, I'm now following you and I added priddycreations to my Etsy faves. Thanks for the entries!! (p.s. love your work!)

Rachel said...

love your work! Can't wait until you come back to ETSY! I adore the Carnival Bloom camera bag too....i want it! take care <3

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Snug N Luv said...
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