Monday, August 24, 2009

How do you handle stress?

As I grow, mature, or gain wisdom, whatever you would like to call it; I learn more and more about myself. For example I handle major stressful event fairly well, but minor mishaps....that's another story!

When our now three year old had an unprovoked seizure when she was a baby while my hubby and I were 4 states away, I didn't fall to pieces in panic. we couldn't control the situation so we handed it over to God prayed and it all turned out to be okay, though it took months of testing to arrive to that conclusion.

It's seems though that I need to apply this attitude to the minor things as well; let go and offer it to God.

Last week I was a basket case! My honey was out of town for the entire week. So it was just me and the 6 kiddies. It's not the first time I've been on my own for a few days with the kids., but it feels like whenever he is gone if the little stuff can go wrong it will!

On Day one I got a call from Kaiya's school to come pick her up as she was in the bathroom vomiting.

On day two I go a flat tire picking up the boys from school. Picture 6 hungry kids in a very small mechanics waiting room for 2 1/2 hours!

By day three I hadn't been able to get to the post office to mail packages, so I went to print out my postage and the printer was out of ink, of course so was out local Office Depot as was the one in the next two towns! I finally found ink hurried home to get it back in the printer so I could make the evening pick up at the post office, only to find that the printer was also malfunctioning. I didn't make it to the post office.

Day four our computer monitor died. It just shut off mid e-mail no warning and never came back on.
By this point I was in tears! Not only was I behind on getting orders in the mail but now I didn't even have computer access to tell my customers about it.

But I pulled it together, put a smile on my face for the kids and kept on trucking.

Thank the Lord my honey is back home, we bought a new monitor, and fixed the printer...and also discovered the Target up the street carries the black ink for our printer, $4 cheaper than office depot and the are well stocked...sigh!

Oh and packages are in the hands of the post office :O)

Am I alone in this? Does anyone else handle stress this way or know how to let go?

Hope everyone is having a lovely (stress free) Monday!


Tammie said...

Yes I have those days- weeks- months when it just seems like everything comes at me all at once.
I have noticed lately that I can't change it- it is what it is and I have a choice how I will respond to it. So lately I respond with worship music- having FUN with my kids and letting go... because someone is Larger then me and he is handling things and well if it's his will i be silent and still and just be and this is maybe his way to telling me I am too busy to stop the busyness and just be- then so be it I will BE and I will rest in him.
it all gets done - and it's how we respond in the situation that our kids remember most I know try to play games and make the most out of it and those are the moments that my kids love and remember. I also generally know now when my husband is gone thigns will happen and go wrong so I try and make that week a very quiet week and get everything done before or after and nothing during.

Kelly said...

My husband goes out of town frequently for work, and I swear if something is going to blow up, break down or flood it waits til he is gone.

I usually have a little meltdown in the privacy of my home, then roll up my sleeves and handle it the best I can.

But I do agree, you have to just turn it over to God and know that in the end things usually turn out ok.

I hope your stress stays low.


Suzy said...

I've got to agree with Kelly that if something bad is going to happen it will happen when my husband is out of town. Dead battery? Gene will be out of town. How do I handle stress? I have a few good friends to whom I can vent, I have the blog, and the big one? I have prayer. Did you think about going to your local library to use their computers to email your customers?