Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Moon Challenge/Giveaway.....

There is just something about the Twilight series.
I have my issues with it (don't hate me if you are a die hard fan!)
Bella is a bit too needy. She whines and gives up. She is not the strong heroin that I wish she was, and yet I am completely intrigued by the story.
Maybe it is the young romantic in me, with a slight attraction to the darker mysteries of the world and an un-dieing desire to find the good in even the most hopeless creatures.
I just can't help it I'm pretty excited to see "New Moon"

With the movie premiere looming a few months out and Halloween to come just before I've decided to create a couple of pieces dedicated to Bella's torn spirit and mysteries of Edward and Jacob.

I thought I would make this Giveaway a bit of a challenge. So here it is....

~Share your favorite quote, or an idea you would like to see made into a design.
~It must be based on New Moon.
~I will choose two, from the comments left, and bring them to life.
~There is a good chance to will choose at random to keep anyone from having their feelings hurt. But if there is a killer idea then I will have to use it :O)

~The winners will have their piece forged and stamped into existence and of course get to keep the original with credit noted for their idea.

~I will run this giveaway Challenge for 4 days.
~It may take a couple of days to deliberate and choose a winner, and as I said if the decision is too hard it will be done at random.

Thanks so much and good luck!!


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

So I'll go first :O) Obviously I'm not going to "win" but I was thinking of Jacob, and making a bracelet with the phases of the moon from, new to full, and a little wolf. We'll have to see if come out the way I've envisioned it.

cryss21 said...

That's a super cute idea!
I'll have to read it again before I post. I'll finish it by tomorrow!
Have you read the entire series?

RachelArt said...

oh! you are awesome!!! super excited about this... i will have to give it some thought and post tomorrow <3

Laura said...

My submission is "Your hold is permanent and unbreakable." by Edward Cullen. Thanks!

mcgregor_laura (at) hotmail (dot) com

thetnpreacherswife said...

Okay--am the meantime where did you get your version of Bella's Lullaby on your blog?????

RachelArt said...

Ok...i am thinking about Eternal Love and when Edward Cullen says "you are my life now"...

Heidi said...

Hi Canela,
What a great idea! I was wondering if you had read my email yet. I won a necklace a few months back and I havent heard from you since you went on vacation with your family. Cant wait to hear from you.
Thanks so much!

Kristen S. said...

Here's my idea. :]

A necklace or braclet of some sort, with stars and moon, saying either

"Before you, my life was like a moonless night."

Sarah Alice Grace said...

So I love the part after Bella hits her head and tells Jacob that he's "sort of beautiful" (chapter 8, pg 192). I was thinking of a necklace that says "sort of beautiful" with a wolf and a crescent moon in some design :)

Rachel said...

i would like to re-submit my idea if thats ok? I love the quote from Edward "You will always be the most beautiful thing in my world"...and the idea of undying, eternal love. Can't wait to see what you do!!!

Rachel said...

ok, maybe I am being annoying but I want to give you one more idea (not because i want to "win", which i do, but i really love Twilight and i want to inspire you to make something amazing)...Edwards quote "Your hold is permanent and unbreakable. Never doubt that" which also goes with the Eternal Love theme....all done, i promise!!!

Kelly said...

I have to confess I have never read the books or seen the movie, but I do love the my submission is:

"Let our hearts dance as one under the new moon." Maybe on a bracelet or an oval necklace like the one you have with the stars?

Hugs, Kelly

justjessa said...

okay. so i absolutely LOVE the twilight saga. i'm kinnda addicted :]

so here is what i came up with. the quote i really like is "forbidden to remember, terrified to forget" (pg 117) and maybe you could do the whole "forbidden to remember" on one side of a charm and then "terrified to forget" on the other and it could be a bracelet or something. i'm not to creative here. haha. but when i think of new moon, i think of it being all about bella's broken-ness and this quote captures that.
but i also like the quotes "the more you loved someone, the less sense it made" and "i love a happy ending, they are so rare"

anyways, i love the idea! good luck and can't wait to see what you decide!

Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations said...

I love the Twilight series. Instead of any kind of quote, what about a necklace with three with "Edward" on it, one with a crescent moon on it and the third with "Jacob" on it. In that order. Bella always kept both close to her heart so I think a necklace with the names close to your heart kind of fits.

Can't wait to see what you create and the movie!! I have already read all 4 books twice.

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Thanks so much for everyone who shared their ideas! the creative wheels are turning so, I'm going to have to deliberate over the next couple of days.

cryss21 said...

I know it's over and done with, but I would just like to share some ideas otherwise anyhow.
One idea is something to do with the word coexist, as that is quite an issue in book two AND in book three.

Another idea is 'the love of my existence,' which Bella says instead of love of my life.

And a little red jewel heart.

if you don't mind going into the third book a titch, I really enjoy the idea of duplication the bracelet with the little wolf charm.

Or maybe even a necklace with a wolf charm and a little stone, just like the bracelet. :D

that's all for now.

Sarah said...

was the winner ever announced? just wondering if I'd missed seeing it...