Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They Grow so fast!

Some days motherhood is a bitter sweet adventure. Our oldest headed off to middle school today. It's a new school on the other side of town so none of her grade school friends will be there. I worried she might be nervous.
She did great! She asked me to walk her to the front of the school, but assured me she could find her first class on her own. She gave me a hug, turned and confidently walked into her middle school, head held high and a big smile lighting up her pretty face.
I started to cry. I really didn't think I would be emotional. I didn't cry the first day of kindergarten for any of the kids.
It's hard to let go but she is embarking on a new journey where she needs us beside her, but doesn't need to hold my hand each step of the way any more.
We are so proud, sniff sniff!

Thomas and Gabriel headed back today as well. Gabriel was so excited to start first grade and Thomas loved being the oldest sibling on campus.


cryss21 said...

Aw, your little ones are so adorable!! ^_^

Ruth and Brian said...

Indeed they do grow so fast! And I agree with you I think it's much harder to part with them the older they get ~ even though Kindergarten was momentous itself.

And wow, so early, it's only August 12th - are you in an area that does year-round?!? Today is a special day for myself as well as 1 year ago I received the referral for our daughter after waiting 30 months. Many blessings to you and your kids as they embark on yet another year with wonderful beginnings and adventures.


Tracy Rogers said... made me tear up! I remember Justin going into middle school, I did the same thing. Your babes are beautiful Canela :)