Friday, January 23, 2009

Are you a Twilight Fan?

So I finished reading the Twilight series last month. Okay fine to be totally honest I finished listening to it. With 6 kiddies the only book I actually get to sit down and read are curious George, and Veggie Tales. But back to the point....

So when I read about the bracelet Jacob gave Bella I knew I would have to make one as soon as I got a free minute!

Well here it is :o) Now I couldn't hold true to the one in the book...I'm fresh out of 5 carat diamonds, with the recession and all ;o) and well I could have carved the wolf from wood, but I would have shredded a few fingers in the process...some day I'll show pictures of my burns from my torch, can you imagine super sharp carving knives? Yeah. So this piece feature a sterling silver wolf, and a cubic zirconia heart. The chain is hand crafted by me.

It really is a beautiful bracelet. Check it out in my shop if you like :o)

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mommyholly said...

LOVE IT! I actually have a bracelet like that already, otherwise I would be frantically popping into your shop to buy it right now hehe!! I just LOVE Twilight!! xoxox