Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Would you pay $770 for one of my simple name necklaces?

Have your heard of the CPSIA?
If you move about in the circles of Children's designers then you've heard about this, but if you don't then this may be new to you.

Take a minute to hear what this is and then maybe even get involved in helping to amend it!

CPSIA is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act...

At heart they have the right idea in trying to protect our children from lead poisoning and other harmful chemicals and heavy metals that might be present in their things, but this is OVERKILL

Anyone who sells items intended for children under 12 would have to have every single component of every item tested for lead and other chemicals and heavy metals.

Now I am still educating myself on this law and the ramifications it would have on me.
As a jewelry designer I would send my piece of jewelry into a certified lab where they would dissolve the jewelry in Chemicals and then test for acceptable levels of lead. Each component is charged for separately at about $125 per component.

So for a simple name necklace...
Silver disc $125
Jump ring $125
Chain $125
Clasp $125
Wire $125
Extender Chain $125
Add in the $20 that I need to charge for the necklace that's $770!
This is only for Lead, I would have to pay separate fees to test for the other heavy metals.

Now I know my metals are solid sterling or fine silver, I know my stones and pearls are genuine because I buy from a reputable company, but proving where i purchase my supplies from isn't enough I would have to have every design tested.

How do they expect anyone to continue their business. On etsy alone there are 164,997 items under childrens that would be affected!
This Act will devastate all Stay at home moms who try to make ends meet by designing and selling for Children. Some who are now the sole provider in their homes because their husbands have been let go from work.

Now even if you don't by hand made (shame!!) Just kidding...maybe :o)
Big retailers are not going to just absorb the cost, they will pass it on to the consumer.

Check out my Friend Kristens blog gocks frocks. Scroll down about 3 posts and she has all the official links for this, plus an interview she did about how it will affect her as a children's clothing designer. Her designs are Beautiful!

Seriously this is not the way to solve anything!!! Make your voice heard!

Info on CPSIA
The Consumer Product Safety Commission : on The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act :

Make your Voice heard!
Write/Call/Contact YOUR State Reps, Congressmen/women, etc …and tell them your concerns & suggestions! to know what they voted on this law?

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Art Of The Craft Studios said...

Isnt it just insane??? I cannot imagine a world where I can't buy handmade for my children. Its always better than storebought. What is this world coming to? :-(